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I was hoping someone can point me to a tut to enable extensions in my version of TKMW. In particular a extension so I can link to external pdf and excel files. (tried fileprotocolpath)

I am using version 12.1 because of use FCKeditor I could not get it to work in 13.

Hope someone can help.


Regards Marc

MediaWiki 1.15.5-2squeeze6 

PHP 5.3.3-7+squeeze18 (apache2handler) 
MySQL 5.1.73-1 

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Have a look here. Although it is quite old and perhaps not completely relevant to your question. Still it might be worth a look?

If that doesn't help at all, could you please try to give me some more info and I can try to give you a hand (ideally step by step instructions on how to recreate your issue).

Although, actually IIRC you should be able to link to external urls ok from within MediaWiki OOTB. I do recall you need to be logged in or some such thing (as a spam countermeasure), but I'm sure I've done it before (at least in a previous version of TKL MW).

Also what was the issue you were having with the FCKeditor in v13? Could you provide some more detail please? (If there is something wrong with the default TKL appliance we need to lodge a bug so it can be fixed, at least for the next release...). Again step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce would be really helpful.


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Yeah, an example of what exactly you're trying to do would help in determining which direction to take this. I have MediaWiki installed on an older Ubuntu Server based TKL appliance, but I can't imagine much has changed...

Here's a quick edit of one of my wiki pages. The first link is to an external PDF on the web — a not very good schematic redesign for Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA by James Corner Field Operations in NY.

The second is an Excel file that I first clicked the "insert Media" icon, then edited the text of the media, then saved the page. The media will be unassociated, and come back in a red color. Click on it, then you have the option of uploading it to the server.

Here's what my MediaWiki editor looks like:

==== Testing Section for external links ====
Nicollet Mall Project [ February 19th Presentation]<br/>
How to link to an Excel file on the local server? [[Media:Start List.xls]]

FYI, I put these links on all my pages (because I need help remembering how to do things):


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