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I have recently dialed up a frssh LAMPstack (from here : https://www.turnkeylinux.org/lampstack ), normally we use VirtualMin (for the GPL server manager) so I have tried to install it.

When I try to install this via WebMin (as per here : http://www.webmin.com/vdownload.html ) it simply says :

Failed to install module from http://download.webmin.com/download/virtualmin/virtual-server-4.17.gpl.w... : Module virtual-server requires Webmin version 1.730 or above

Ok, not a problem, when I use the Webmin Upgrade item in Webmin it just says : "Webmin and its modules are installed and upgraded via APT.". So I resort to the CLI, and as per this page ( https://www.turnkeylinux.org/forum/support/20130609/webmin-and-its-modul... ) I run :

apt-get update
apt-get install webmin

This reports that I have the latest version (1.630) but thats not right, there is 1.760 out there grrr.

So, how the heck do I get VirtualMin installed on my brand new LAMPstack? Not exactly what I'd call obvious...

PS> I also followed this guide : https://www.turnkeylinux.org/forum/general/20090604/step-step-installing..., shutting down webmin, installing from the CLI affter updating the APT sources. It installed for a while (indicating virtualmin was installed) however even after a full server reboot nothing shows up.


Please can anyone help, even a link to a guide (that I can understand) would be great. Either how to upgrade Webmin to 1.760 (when it insists its 1.630 latest), or how to force virtualmin inot the current install?


Thanks in advance,


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We intend to backport the current version of Webmin to v13.0 range of appliances. But we haven't got there yet... Currently we are flat out working on the Debian Jessie based v14.0 release (see here). Too many things to do and not enough time...

The reason why you are hitting the wall with upgrading via apt is that currently in the TurnKey Wheezy repo 1.630 is the latest available version (I know it's old...).

So OTTOMH the choices you have are:

  • Install upstream webmin using the "all-in-one" deb package they have. This should work but you'll end up with the default webmin theme and all the "standard" modules installed (many of which will be irrelevant to you and your usage).
  • Find an old version of virtualmin (that works with 1.630). That should install fine but is not really a great longer term solution.
  • Remove webmin and manually install the whole lot from upstream. Probably the most labour intensive way to do it but will work and assuming that you install the minimum version and add the individual modules should give a good end result.
  • Temporarily add the TurnKey Jessie repo and install 1.740 from there. I haven't tested this and it might possibly break things. I suspect that it would work fine but I can't be sure... Don't forget to remove the Jessie repo after upgrading webmin. It will definitely break things otherwise...
  • As per above but manually download the Jessie debs and install. As per above but more mucking around. On the plus side it's safer as there is no risk of accidentally forgetting to remove the repo and/or installing other stuff...
  • Probably my favourite (for obvious reason - and will only be relevant assuming that you are self hosting) is to build your own v14RC1 LAMP ISO using these instructions. That involves a bit of initial setup but will give you the latest development LAMP appliance with Webmin 1.740. Although "latest development release" sounds a bit scary, it is an RC (release candidate) and is built on Debian Jessie (the latest stable Debian version) It also allows you to help us out by testing it and providing feedback. Using TKLBAM you'll be able to migrate your data to the latest version once it's finally released (hopefully within the next month or thereabouts...)
  • Something else that I haven't thought of...

    I know that none of these is really a good answer when you just want to get your server up and running quickly. FWIW we will be updating Webmin to the latest version prior to v14.0 release. My intention moving forward to to aim to keep Webmin versions (at least roughly) in sync with TurnKey...

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