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i ve got many times this kernel log message:

Loading kernel module for a network device with CAP_SYS_MODULE (deprecated).  Use CAP_NET_ADMIN and alias netdev- instead

I think there are some network problems between the host and the backport. But there is no message what alias i should use instead (netdev-???).

What can i do?

Thanks for help



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We'll need a lot more info to try to help you out.

A good start would be:

  • what version of TurnKey you are using (if not sure 'turnkey-version' should tell you)
  • where it's running (bare metal, VM, etc) - I suspect bare metal...
  • have you installed any additional software? If so what?
  • is networking working at all?
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    It is great, that your are helping! Really Thanks!

    - TurnKey: turnkey-lamp-13.0-wheezy-amd64
    - it's running on VMware vSphere
    - i installed only some small tools: curl, package "build-essential", node.js, npm, phantomjs, casperjs, bower, grunt, logwatch, monit, optipng, jpegoptim and i add locale "de"
    - yes, all network services are running. i found no existing problem only the stupid error message.


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    So everything is working as it should (except for the messages)? Nothing in your list of apps looks like it would drag in any network monitoring or network connection type tools (which my googling suggested was probably the culprit).

    Also are they errors or warnings? Whilst on face value they seem similar, they have different meanings. Errors should be fixed ASAP and indicated that things are broken (at least to some degree), warnings are worth noting and nice to fix but generally not immediately critical. The wording of the message; plus the fact that everything is working suggests to me that they're only warnings. If that's the case, personally I'd just be inclined to ignore them.

    FWIW in this context "deprecated" usually means that there is a newer way to do things and this old way will be dropped in the future; but it still works for now...

    I found quite a bit of info via google and like I hinted above most refer to desktop systems with things like "Network Manager". If you want to dig a little deeper yourself, keep in mind that TurnKey v13.x is Debian Wheezy under the hood. Info regarding Ubuntu should generally also be relevant but I would shy away from adding Ubuntu repos of any sort...

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    Yes, you are right. But i thinked, this is a known problem with a fast answer and easy to solve.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Someone else might have this issue and want to fix it too! :)

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