That is the glorious result when trying to install Mayan on a KVM VM. Reproducible, tried various CPU configs (host, kvm64). Machine hangs there, needs reset.


When launching as LIve system, this garbled picture above appears shortly, but the launch continues (and works, next screen is root password entry)

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I just downloaded the ISO via the website and it worked fine?! Did you double check that your ISO is not corrupted by checking against the hashfile? Considering that you can reproduce the issue (I assume with the same ISO) is because it's corrupted. If you redownloaded and still got the same result, perhaps one of the mirrors has a corrupt image on it?

It is a bit weird that it booted into "live" mode ok but not "install" mode. FWIW "install" mode is the same as "live" mode except none of the default services start. It stops all default services from starting by triggering systemd's "rescue mode" and making di-live (our installer) the only service that runs.

My guess is that if you continued to boot into "live" mode, then you'd quite likely hit issues if you tried to install. My guess is that is the bit that's corrupted in your ISO.

FWIW I tested on QEMU-KVM v3.0.1

Tested here on qemu-kvm/stable,stable 1:3.1+dfsg-8+deb10u5 amd64 (on Proxmox 6.2-10)

# sha256sum turnkey-mayan-edms-16.0-buster-amd64.iso
54ce7f16ea39fbd1390adf9de7f5401b0a8d0041bc9773bea5137c9e099da20f  turnkey-mayan-edms-16.0-buster-amd64.iso




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I need to update my Proxmox anyway, so I'll do that ASAP and retry to recreate your experience.

I assume from your other posts, that you haven't hit this same issue with other TurnKey ISOs - only Mayan? I wonder why that is? Other than corruption (either on your end or ours - which my experience and your hash report appear to be ruling out) there shouldn't be anything specific about the Mayan-EDMS ISO that should cause an issue that early in the process only on that one. (Beyond corruption) I would expect an issue such as that to either be intermittent and/or consistent across other ISOs too. So I wonder what the cause might be?! TBH I'm a bit stumped...

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