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Good morning, I have a nas qnap in which I want to schedule backups with tklbam.

Looking at the manuals I think I can do it with samba, but then I do not know how to program tklbam so I can save the copy somewhere in the nas ..... where can I start?

Thank you

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Yes TKLBAM can be used to store backups locally.

Hopefully this TKLBAM FAQ page will help. This FAQ page should also be useful. The tklbam-backup man page is probably also of value.

Note that you'll need to initialise TKLBAM using the '--solo' switch (i.e. so not connected to the Hub) and have to force an empty profile (and manually configure what you want backed up via the /etc/tklbam/overrides file) or generate a custom profile (of what you want backed up). If you wish to create a profile, please check out the relevant documentation.

Please note that the Hub will be unaware of local backups that you create. So you will need to manage them yourself.

I hope that helps.

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