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Hi there, I'd like to use TKLdev to crank out fresh / customized LXC templates as well as .isos, is this possible? I'm using Proxmox for virtualization so it would be super convenient.

It's hard to find an answer for this question with web search, though I'm sure I may have missed something.

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Yep, that's how we do it.

And (in context of your other post) actually, if you don't actually want the ISOs and are creating appliances that are closely based on ours, then another aprroach might actually be to just create your own buildtasks script?! (Instead of tweaking common).

Whilst we use buildtasks to create the various different builds, it leverages TKLpatch (it predates TKLDev and was the only way to public share build code prior to TKLDev). So assuming that you wanted to create a modified Core, you could create your own patch (in buildtasks/patches/custom-patch/) then include it in bt-container. I'd add it just below this line:

tklpatch-apply $rootfs $BT/patches/container

E.g. so it would look something like this (note the new line in the middle):

tklpatch-apply $rootfs $BT/patches/container
tklpatch-apply $rootfs $BT/patches/custom-patch
$BT/bin/rootfs-cleanup $rootfs

Then create the LXC build of your "patched" custom Core container like this:

./bt-container core-16.1-buster-amd64

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