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Recent comments

Time Comment Thread
00:07 Mon Dec 4 Not sure why Webmin and Webshell not working... I messed up. How do I fix it?
23:18 Sun Dec 3 Thanks for that warning Taylor! Adding additional domain controllers to a Samba4 forest using TKL
22:15 Sun Dec 3 i was lucky The binary option scam: Evil Incorporated vs the "Don't Be Evil" corporation
15:37 Sat Dec 2 Works fine with a single drive Extending an LVM volume: Physical volumes (partitions) -> Volume groups -> Logical volume -> Filesystem
23:30 Fri Dec 1 BUG REPORT!!! Adding additional domain controllers to a Samba4 forest using TKL
01:38 Fri Dec 1 Hi Anna FILESERVER windows 98
01:05 Fri Dec 1 Hi there!  tklbam-backup on ftp in PORT mode
22:57 Wed Nov 29 There's a plan, and it's in progress! PHP7 in the LAMP and LAPP VMs
22:45 Wed Nov 29 I'll be refactoring the confconsole code soon I hope Dehydrated and multiple domains
22:45 Wed Nov 29 Thanks for the kind words. It's in progress! v14.2 Release Update #5 - final updated appliances and wrapup
19:44 Wed Nov 29 Great job Everyone! v14.2 Release Update #5 - final updated appliances and wrapup
17:33 Wed Nov 29 Thanks Dehydrated and multiple domains
02:23 Wed Nov 29 Oh, and one more thing... Dehydrated and multiple domains
01:52 Wed Nov 29 PS there's another bug you'll need to work around... Dehydrated and multiple domains
01:41 Wed Nov 29 Hey Andi, deep apologies that it's taken me so long... :( Dehydrated and multiple domains
22:59 Tue Nov 28 Great news! dehydrated out of date
22:57 Tue Nov 28 Hey Simon Vulnerable WordPress vm appliance
16:39 Tue Nov 28 fixed dehydrated out of date
16:26 Tue Nov 28 Error dehydrated out of date
09:13 Tue Nov 28 Sorry it took me a couple of days, but I got there in the end! dehydrated out of date