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Recent comments

Time Comment Thread
23:57 Tue Feb 21 We need to update our appliance Upgrade Mattermost
23:57 Tue Feb 21 It depends on why it's not working... Webmin after reinstall
16:59 Tue Feb 21 Patch is updated tklpatch for SABnzbd, CouchPotato, and SickBeard
15:07 Tue Feb 21 Hello, Upgrade Mattermost
00:44 Tue Feb 21 I am still around. Kind of... tklpatch for SABnzbd, CouchPotato, and SickBeard
17:47 Mon Feb 20 This is what you should do. [SOLVED] Apache2 on Turnkey LAMP appliance has insufficient permissions to read fstab-mounted Virtualbox shared directory
11:40 Mon Feb 20 Great free tools Audio video codecs: a video editor's tutorial introduction to codecs
23:28 Sun Feb 19 Great detective work! :) clean install of Samba4 14.1 broken by first security update
22:57 Sun Feb 19 cp -p does not work, but rsync -az does how to retain Date Modified when copying files in linux?
03:59 Sun Feb 19 More information clean install of Samba4 14.1 broken by first security update
22:30 Sat Feb 18 This worked for me, connection to rTorrent not established
06:17 Sat Feb 18 Follow up... CVE-2016-5195: Dirty COW - Privilege escalation kernel vulnerability
01:36 Sat Feb 18 I've lodged it as a bug kernel issue
01:27 Sat Feb 18 Ah ha! I've recreated it! And have a (messy) workaround. kernel issue
22:24 Fri Feb 17 I should note that the output clean install of Samba4 14.1 broken by first security update
21:54 Fri Feb 17 So went through a ton of kernel issue
06:23 Fri Feb 17 Have you rebooted? kernel issue
05:54 Fri Feb 17 I'm running a LAMP appliance kernel issue
04:00 Fri Feb 17 Perhaps follow up with Amazon? Hub account stuck in "link amazon" wizard?
02:13 Fri Feb 17 None taken! :) Why doesn't webmin work without SSL?