I went through all the steps to download and set up gitlab in virtualbox. Network adapter is bridged, virtual machine seems good. But when I try to access it in a browser with https://IP it does not work, sats connection time out or cannot display page.

any help please and thank you.

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GitLab is a heavy app and needs at least 1GB RAM for the services to start. Even then on the first boot it does take a minute or 2 to get up and running... Otherwise it should work OOTB...

It has 2048MB. I've waited 5 minutes before trying to access the app in a browser and I  tried more than 2gb. I've also tried running joomla and same result. Whenever I try accessing it at it's always page not found or not available. Any other suggestions?

Thank you.

I used host only network and firefox broswer, it works. thanks.

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Sounds like it might be a config issue on your end then...

If you are just testing or using as a dev machine then "host only" is fine. Otherwise "Bridged" is probably what you want. "NAT" (which I think VirtualBox defaults to IIRC) won't work...

Maybe there is something up with your settings or perhaps something wrong woith your network setup? FWIW the IP address doesn't sound like a proper one (although I could be wrong).

If you want to try to troubleshoot some more let me know. Otherwise enjoy! :)

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