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I am trying to install a clean template for gitlab. 16.1
but after installing  i have the following issues :
i had to enable root ssh login :

sudo sed -i 's/#PermitRootLogin prohibit-password/PermitRootLogin yes/' /etc/ssh/sshd_config

sudo systemctl restart ssh

As far as i thought ssh for root should be enabled in this template.

second after entering ssh with root, i have a prompt of configuration\setting initial menu.. and after finished this step,

Then on to the web ui in the browser with user root and the password i set in the initial step, but it gives error 500,

when i change the user\password to wrong name on purpose, it says invalid user or password 

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You shouldn't need to enable root login!?! As you note, it should already be pre-enabled! The only thing that occurs to me is perhaps Proxmox is modifying the default? I'm still running Proxmox v6.x and it definitely doesn't do that for me.

As for the 500 error, I recall having heaps of issues with GitLab. The most common cause of that is lack of resources. IIRC it needs at least 4GB RAM and 2 CPU cores. If you're still having issues, TBH I'm not sure. But you could try reinstalling it. I.e.:

apt update
apt purge gitlab-ce -y
apt install gitlab-ce -y
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i tried it did not help,
eventually i fixed it with the commands: (i found elsewhere don't remember were)
i am based on proxmox 7.1


fix error 500 on login
sudo gitlab-rails c
settings = ApplicationSetting.last
settings.update_column(:runners_registration_token_encrypted, nil)
settings.update_column(:encrypted_ci_jwt_signing_key, nil)!


the host have 16GB ram and 8 cores 

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Yes, those specs should run GitLab fine! Still, it's the most common issue, so I had to mention it...

Thanks heaps for posting back with your solution. I'm sure that will be a help to others.

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I'm trying to install the latest version of GitLab on Proxmox VE 7.3, in an LXC container.

It is integratede into Proxmox: So I use the GUI to go to a Storage that can contain CT Templates and press the Templates button. Select turnkey-gitlab and press download.

I entered my GitLab IP, entered the access credentials and the first message I see is:
500 - Whoops, something went wrong on our end.
Try refreshing the page, or going back and trying the action again.

I have already repeated this process 2 times without success, after having tried some commands that I saw in forums, but I did not get a good result.
I reinstalled everything a 3rd time and got the same result on this fresh installation.

Can you please tell me what I should do from here?
Any thoughts are welcome.

Thank you

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root@svr-lab:~# pct config 299
arch: amd64
cores: 4
features: nesting=1
hostname: GitLab
memory: 4096
net0: name=eth0,bridge=vmbr0,firewall=1,hwaddr=<MAC ADDRESS>,ip=dhcp,type=veth
ostype: debian
rootfs: HVDisk-Lab:299/vm-299-disk-0.raw,size=16G
swap: 2048
unprivileged: 1

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Hi Rodrigo. Unfortunately, the GitLab appliance currently available needs some work (it's a bit of a beast and has proven quite tricky to maintain). Beyond the issue you've hit, it's a bit out of date anyway. You may be able to get it going by (removing and) reinstalling GitLab like this:

apt update
apt purge gitlab-ce
apt install -y gitlab-ce

Regardless, an updated and significantly better GitLab appliance (it will be v17.1) should be available within the next couple of weeks.

Also, if you only want/need a "GitHub-like" remote git store with a pretty UI and don't need/want all the other bells and whistles that GitLab comes with (e.g. CI/CD), then can I suggest testing out our Gitea appliance?! It doesn't have the "full" feature set that GitLab has, but it works really well and is much lighter weight than GitLab. It's also available as a LXC template via ProxmoxVE.

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Hi Jeremy!
Thank you for your feedback.
In fact, I had opted for GitLab, precisely to test the CI/CD functionality which was what I was interested in.

Anyway, I didn't know about Gitea or Revision Control, so I'm going to install it to test it, while GitLab version 17.1 doesn't arrive :-)

Thanks anyway for the help.

Best Regards,


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hello, this turnkey idea is an awesome idea but if it doesn't work, why is it out there for us to download/install? Please at least update the page for Gitlab stating it is broken. So far i've had bad luck with these turnkey. I first tried Jenkins, i'm getting similar broken issues when trying to authenticate. It seems broken for me, so I just tried Gitlab, and it is broken too. Are most of these repos out of date and broken, or was I just that unlucky. Thank you.
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Thanks for sharing your thoughts and perspective. Thanks too for checking in to see whether your experience is expected or not.

So first up, each appliance page has a link to it's "Issues". E.g. The GitLab appliance page links to the GitLab issues.

Regarding Jenkins, I'm not sure why you had issues with that one though? Jenkins should be working ok, although I'm sure that it likely needs the version of Jenkins itself updated. That shouldn't affect initial log in though. Did you use the 'jenkins-admin' username as noted on the Jenkins appliance page? To update Jenkins itself (after initial set up - as noted on the appliance page):

apt update && apt install jenkins

So in summary, GitLab is broken (hopefully we'll have a fixed release soon). Otherwise, whilst they may not all have the latest version of upstream software and some do have active bugs (I have ~16 updated apps awaiting release - should be this week - fingers crossed), overall most of the appliance library should be working and serviceable.

Please do report any other issues you come across. And/or feel free to ask me about any other specific apps you plan to test out and I can confirm their current state.

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thank you for ALL that information. I was able to get it running with the apt install command. The web user login has been a struggle for me. I understand the documentation states "jenkins-admin" as the user login. That user doesn't exist, only "admin" with the latest turnkey I installed. Also not sure what password is used for it because when I look at the jenkins.log file it states the password is "424169241aa74d37be5317ba110f8426". It claims to have generated this password, but from my two test installs this password was the same. That password doesn't work along with other things I tried. How did I get access? I logged in as user "root" with the password for the terminal user root. Thats how I got access. From jenkins.log it states the initial password is stored at... with the password "424169241aa74d37be5317ba110f8426" as stated above.
apt install jenkins
I can post all this to the github issues page if you like. Thanks again
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I just downloaded the Jenkins v17.1 ISO and installed it to a VM. After install (and installing security updates, including a reboot) I tried logging into the Jenkins web UI using the username 'jenkins-admin' and the password that I set at firstboot and it "just works"?!

I tried updating Jenkins itself too just in case the Jenkins update breaks things. But it still works fine?!

Please note that the way we set up Jenkins, it leverages PAM authentication. 'jenkins-admin' is a (somewhat) normal Linux user. So if you forgot what password you set, you can reset the password by logging into a terminal, (either via SSH or in a raw terminal) as root and run this:

passwd jenkins-admin

Note that login to both Webmin and Webshell (aka Shellinabox) also use the 'root' user (and the password you set at first boot). I.e. the same password you use to log in via SSH or in a local terminal.

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