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Thank you for these great appliances.  I have learned a lot from using them.

I was wondering if there was any chance of getting virtualmin and usermin included in the LAMP appliance?

The problem is that when using the LAMP appliance, you can't get Virtualmin running because the suexec directory is hardcoded into the build and for Virtualmin to run, it requires a change.

 I was able to get it running on a fresh Ubuntu 8.04 server install using their install script, but I like the more minimalistic approach of your appliances.

Thank you,

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I'm delighted you are finding our appliances helpful. I've created a blueprint on launchpad with your suggestion.

Hopefully we'll take a look at it for our next batch of appliances, but meanwhile it will be a big help if you or someone else in the community could step up and get involved in preparing the ground by developing a prototype virtual appliance on top of TurnKey Core. I talk about ways to get involved here in the community development page on our website.

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I'm not all that experienced with Linux, but I will give it a go and try to take notes along the way.... Thank you.. Marc
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Hey Marc, note that if you are trying to do this for work we offer a reasonably priced commercial custom appliance development service and can help you build a custom appliance that suits your needs. Just a thought.
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I just installed turnkey-lamp-2009.02-hardy-x86.iso, and it does have the webmin module already setup. Am I missing something?
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yes, webmin is, but not virtualmin (and I don't think usermin either..) I've been unable to get it installed on the turnkey core because of the suexec in the apache install... But I keep trying:) Marc
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Since Turnkey is based on 8.04 LTS, it *should* work. Have you tried installing it manually?


You've already got Webmin running on your system. You'll need to at least shut it down (likewise Usermin, if it's running). The install script is only expected to run reliably on a freshly installed OS. If you've installed Webmin (particularly if you've installed it from a tarball, which is never the right choice on a system with a better package type available, like Ubuntu), it can fail. Note also that running on a production system is likely to result in will likely break stuff (like email). It's intended to run on a freshly installed and updated OS.

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