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First of all i don't know if this is a support question, so i place it in general section. (I guess i'm just missing something because i have near to no experience with this)


My problem is that i created a virtual machine with the Tomcar on Apache ApplianceIt installed just fione too, had no problems with it. Now i just cant figure out how to access any of the virtual web servers of the apache web server.

Starting the vm i get a screen telling me the ip addresses and ports of the server. I thought the first entry (Web: http://ip) would be the address to use to get onto the hosted webside, but i allways reach the Control Panel with this.

Am i missing some settings to start the virtual servers listening for http(:80) connections ?


I have tried to search turnkey webside for some beginners tutorial but was unable to find any for someone who is totaly new to this. Is there any 1by1 tutorial for total beginners availiable somewhere ?

Also i am not sure if this is the right appliance to use. I want to play arround with java based web started programs with a little sql server for data storage. The Tomcat appliance sounds like the right choice for this, but correct me if i am wrong.


Thanks for any help in advance.

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Check this thread out. Hopefully that'll get you going in the right direction.

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I have no idea about Tomcat but I'm not quite clear what you are trying to do. Browsing to the IP address should take you to the start-page/control panel (whatever you want to call it). AFAIK it doesn't come with a pre-installed "hosted website". You need to put them there youself and configure them in Apache (hence the link I posted above). I would assume that you then browse to them as a sub directory ie http://<IP-address>/webapp

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When i start the Server i get to a screen informing me about its ip address.

Browsing to this address brings me to the Control Panel, yes. But i thought  i only reach the CP when i access the server with port 12320 like it tells me. Usualy Apache comes with a pre-installed little html file that contains the text that the server has been set up correctly if you can browse to it.

Playing arround with the CP i figured out that if i create subwolders in the default root the server (wich is /var/www/) i can bowse there using http://<IP>/<new folder> and any html files i place there work fine.

The mentioned pre-installed html dokument lies in the /var/www/ folder tho, so i thought just browsing to the IP should show me that one if i use default port 80.

Seems i have a lot to learn about this.

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Also if you just wish to host standard html webpages then you will only need the LAMP appliance (AFAIK Tomcat is a java applet server).

I'd have to have a look at it a little closer to be sure, but the behaviour you describe is possibly because of the way Tomcat and Apache are interacting. To get a clearer idea of what is going on, try having a look at the Apache config (Webmin is probably the easiest way to go - accessed via port 12321).

BTW AFAIK port 12320 should give you the Webshell (Shell-in-a-box - a browser based shell).

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Yes, sorry, mixed up the ports. Webmin is 12321.

I have looked through that but didnt manage to config it any other way. Also getting some errors if i want to apply changes to redirects. Wanted to redirect the CP to another address and the normal web server to /var/www/ but when i hit apply Webmin told me that the entered path is not a regular expression, even tho only the field for the incomming address should be a regex.

I want to use it as a java applet server but for that i need the html base working.

Don't know if i just do something absolutely wrong due to my inexperience with this or if the server didnt install properly (wich i doubt looking at the quality of the applicances on this page).

I know my way arround with java just finde but wanted to play arround with applets now, so i thought this appliance would be the best choice. Creating a complete java servers is one thing, putting all that together to be viewed in a browser another ;)

Still searching for a beginner friendly tutorial on how to configure these appliances too if someone can point me in the right direction.

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