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Hi all,

I made a very quick tutorial on setting up a proxmox server at home for development and testing needs and although it was not what you would call professional it was enough to get some people started.

I love making little tutorials like this, so in order to give a little love back I would like to offer my services providing tutorials etc

I promise I will make them professional and now I have the DivX plugins working, quality is higher and size is down. I am going to upload them to youtube and post the links here.

If anyone has any requests I will try to make a video. Please note though that I am by no means an expert on everything and will start creating videos from what I do know.

So what topics should I cover and if anyone else can contribute I am all ears.

Mabey we should create a turnkey channel on youtube?

Let me know what you think and I will start cranking them out!

Some Ideas 

  1. PVE intro
  2. PVE setup
  3. PVE advanced
  4. Virtualisation theory
  5. AWS
  6. The HUB
  7. Backups (TKLBAM)
  8. Restoring (TKLBAM)
  9. How to stay out of the spam box (emails from your virtual server)
  10. Setting up your own website with Joomla/Wordpress/Drupal
  11. let me know!
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Fantastic Chris

What an awesome idea! A TKL Youtube channel! That'd be cool!

Any (or all :D) of those would be fantastic I reackon.

Alon Swartz's picture

Seconded, awesome!

Thats an awesome initiative Chris, love it! I've been meaning to create a youtube channel for TurnKey, but never got around to it. So, I just did - http://www.youtube.com/turnkeylinux

Liraz made a couple of videos back in the day, so I "liked" them and now they appear in the feed. I think thats a nice way of aggregating TurnKey videos, but still giving credit where it's due - to the creator.

I see there are more TurnKey videos on youtube, we should probably add those as well. If you come across a video you think should be in the channel, either leave a comment on this thread or on the channel, and someone will add it.

Looking forward to your videos Chris, and anyone else who creates 'em.

If you think we should do this differently, let me know. If you have ideas on how we can grow this initiative, lets brainstorm...

Chris Musty's picture

I was going to ask you

I was going to send you an email Alon as you would probably rather own the turnkey channel.

Will add video's accordingly!

Longer ones may have to be split up into 10 min increments.

Chris Musty


Specialised Technologies

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Good theme music

I am having fun editing videos and adding music etc for extra effect.

Does anyone have any good music loops they use and like?

I have used a few music loops sites in the past and they have a huge range but my wife tells me my taste is questionable...

Chris Musty


Specialised Technologies

Jeremy Davis's picture


FWIW I just came across a list of where to find free music

. The site is specifically aimed at e-learning but IMO the page is still relevant to us...
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Geez your thread is popular with the spammers Chris!

They seem to love it! :)

Chris Musty's picture

If I were a spammer

If I was a spammer I would

  1. Research my market a little better - handbags, clothes and betting, seriously?
  2. Not spam developer/hacker/super user forums who have extensive working knowledge of my infrastructure and how to bring it down
  3. Quickly realise that I am wasting my time trying to "link farm"
  4. Use gooder english
  5. Get a life
  6. Consider a career change
  7. Get a hair cut and a real job
  8. Understand why my actions annoy people

Chris Musty


Specialised Technologies

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Ok, so where are these tutorials

If someone can lead me by the hand and show me where to find these tutorials,  it would be great.

Jeremy Davis's picture

I'm not sure if Chris ever ended up uploading them sorry...

What are you having issues with?

Chris Musty's picture

No I didn't upload anything

Sorry guys I have had a bit of a hiatus and have been fairly absorbed in things for the last couple of years.

In saying that about ten weeks form now I will be delivering a project and will be able to do some tutorials.

If there are any requests list them here I will prepare for them.

Chris Musty


Specialised Technologies

Jeremy Davis's picture

It happens mate! :)

Glad to hear that you're still about though! :)

I think your judgement is as good as anybody else's on what tutorials users would most benefit from, so do what you want to do! The more TKL videos the better IMO! I don't think you can really go wrong! :)

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