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Helo, I want to document the list of Turnkey templates provided in Proxmox installations but don't know where to get this list. I tried to capture the list in proxmox, but it's insite Ajaz and can't find the way.


Any tip please? 



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Proxmox pulls the TurnKey appliance list (aplinfo.dat.gz) and signature (aplinfo.asc) from

Hope thats what you're looking for...

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If you are interested in developing a new mailserver type appliance that'd be incredible!

To develop a new appliance, you'll need a copy of TKLDev (currently it doesn't run in LXC/Docker, so you'll need a "proper" VM). There are some links on the appliance page, plus there is a meta documentation page with lots of links to different resources which may be of value.

If you have further questions, please feel free to ask on the forums, although it's probably best if you create a user account and start your own thread.

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To ensure that we provide full transparency and accountability to our users, we can't accept and redistribute products built by anyone else (only build code). And as all our appliances start life as ISOs, we have no mechanism to convert a LXC template into an ISO (I'm sure it could be done, but that's not something we plan to delve into).

Although if you have a template you'd like to share, then please feel free to upload it somewhere and post a link to it if you wish to. Then others can decide whether to use it or not. It could also potentially be used as a reference implementation if you don't get a chance to develop TKLDev buildcode.

FWIW TKLDev essentially just uses a combination of install scripts (aka conf scripts), overlay files and Debian packages (most straight from Debian repos, although some built by us) to build the whole OS from scratch.

If you don't get a chance to develop buildcode for TKLDev, if have any scripts (and/or install instructions/documentation) which you used to build your initial server, sharing those would certainly be of interest.

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Once there is buildcode that can be used on TKLDev (e.g. here's the WordPress buildcode) then it's really easy to make an ISO. Then with an ISO (and it's accompanying hash file which is autogenerated), you can build LXC/Proxmox builds.

Once you have a working iso and your buildcode is a git repo with a remote configured (when you try to build it will run git pull - you could instead comment that out), here's how you can build an ISO with the proper name and a hash file; then build a Proxmox/LXC build:

# assuming your buildcode is in /turnkey/fab/products/groupoffice
# and the changelog has a 15.0 entry
cd buildtasks
./bt-iso groupoffice
# once done, then the following file should exist:
# /mnt/isos/turnkey-groupoffice-15.0-stretch-amd64.iso
# then build the proxmox/lxc build
./bt-container groupoffice-15.0-stretch-amd64
# once done, then the following file should exist:
# /mnt/builds/container/debian-9-turnkey-groupoffice_15.0-1_amd64.tar.gz
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How did you work with promox?

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