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I am trying to login to my Bugzilla server in order to enable backups.

Since i created the server i have never used the Webmin or any other managment interface and i have no idea what password should i use.

I understand the username should be root as specified in the application page but none of the passwords work with it. I must have put a password during the setup and i cant remember it now.

Is there any way to reset this password?




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In other words, the same username/password combo as you use to log in. Ie root and whatever root password that you use to log in via Webshell/SSH/SFTP.

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If you are running on bare metal or some form of local virtualisation then you can reset the root password using a Linux LiveCD (or ISO - the TKL one would do, or pretty much any Linux distro which will run live). I can't remember the steps OTTOMH but you should find something easily via google (just keep in mind TKL v11.x is based on Ubuntu 10.04/Lucid).

If your appliance is running in AWS I have no idea how to reset the root password there. Hopefully someone else has some ideas for that (or maybe you can find something via google)?

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Or actually just a live ISO (you don't need to burn it to CD). In fact I think you may even be able to do it from the grub prompt but I don't recall the steps. As you may be aware TKL v12.x is now based on Debian 6 but the process to reset the root password should be the same. I don't recall the exact steps but it should be easy to find the info via google.

There should be no issue with data loss but realistically if you have data there that you can't afford to lose and you don't have it backed up you seriously need to do something about that. Data loss is a matter of when, not if. And with TKLBAM being so cheap and easy there is no excuse really...!

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I appreciate the advise about the backup. We were testing the server before deciding on the backup. Actually, that is one of the reasons I was trying to login to it was do the TKLBAM. 

I am not that versed in Linux and I will try the Linux ISO, but I'm nervous about the ramafications. Are there any other ways or any tricks I should be aware of before I start?




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To be on the safe side you could take a snapshot of the system.

TBH though it should all go smoothly and you should have no issues at all. It should be quite straightforward although will probably require use of the commandline.

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