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I spun up a Proxmox 6.3.1 server and installed TurnKey 16 File Server in a LXC container. After updating the container (apt update/upgrade) the web interface is working except for the WebDav CGI login. I get the login page but when I try to login with the root user it fails. Is there a seperate user for WebDav CGI login that I have to setup?

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There are a few possible causes, but I'm guessing that the root issue (excuse the pun) is the fact that Samba users and Linux users are actually completely separate. We used to have it configured to auto sync password updates between Samba and Linux users, but that is no longer possible.

Also there is a bug in the v16.0 inithook but it only shows up in LXC (because the Linux root user password is set outside the container, the inithook just sets the Samba user password; on all other builds it sets the root Linux user and Samba user at the same time, with the same password).

To (re)set Samba user password:

smbpasswd -a 

Or if running as root, to reset the root Samba user password, simply:


Hope that helps.

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Issuing smbpasswd and resetting the root password worked. Thanks..

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