v15.0 Stable Release #2 - 47 OVAs, OpenStack and Xen builds

I'm pleased to followup stage 1 of the v15.0 release with the release of OVA, VM, OpenStack and Xen builds (plus Docker and Proxmox/LXC) for the appliances already released as ISO. Essentially stage 2 of the v15.0 release.

turnkey 15.0 banner

Security Vulnerabilities: SA-CORE-2018-005 - Drupal 8.x & CVE-2018-14773 - Symfony

SA-CORE-2018-005 - Drupal 8

Popular CMS platform Drupal recently announced that versions of Drupal 8 prior to 8.5.6 are affected by SA-CORE-2018-005 / CVE-2018-14773 (more CVE details below). Drupal 8 uses components from the Symfony framework so is affected by this Symfony bug.