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Time to get this show on the road...

"Build it and they will come". Or so they say. After a busy couple of weeks we are hopefully ready to launch and see if that really works.

As a first step, we are releasing just a handful of proof of concept beta appliances which will be gradually improved and expanded as we receive more ideas, feedback and support from the community (that means you!).

We believe open source projects live and die by the community that builds around to support them, so naturally we would like to strongly encourage the community's involvement as much as possible.

Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel (poorly), we've decided to go ahead and shamelessly monkey the online tools and stylings of the Ubuntu community. Secretly we're hoping our community will eventually grow into a specialized extension of the Ubuntu community, just as the Ubuntu community has grown into a specialized extension of the Debian community.

Keep in mind, this is all spanking brand new at this point, so there may well be a few kinks to work out (e.g., with the website, beta appliances, community tools). Be patient, if you come across any bugs or issues please let us know!