Hi, I hope somebody can help me here. I need a file server and I installed ubuntu server 11.10, installed webmin and ehcp..in case I would like to host something...Well now I am stuck with turnkeylinux file server. I am having some problems with a cd writer and I opted for a bootable flash drive with turnkeylinux but got no luck. Can anyone help ? Is there anyway of using wget http:.... and then download it somewhere etc?? Thanks you all for reading this, hopefully I can get some help!

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Are you trying to install TKL Fileserver as a VM under Ubuntu 11.10 (in VirtualBox or similar)? Or trying to overwrite your bare metal Ubuntu install?

Assuming that it's the latter and that's why you mention problems with the CD burner, then theoretically you should be able to install it from a USB stick, although I haven't actually done it myself. There are a number of tools around that allow you to convert a bootable ISO to a USB, perhaps if you tried one unsuccessfully then you need to try another? In the past I have used apps from PenDriveLinux successfully (although not TKL). Theoretically anything that can make an Ubuntu 10.04 (the basis of the current TKL v11.x release) ISO into a USB should work for TKL too.

Failing all that, you can wget the ISO from SourceForge and assuming that you have GRUB2 installed (the default Ubuntu 11.10 bootloader) you can manually configure that to boot from the ISO, but not sure how you'll go with partitioning and stuff...

All-in-all might just be easier to borrow someone else's CD burner (or buy a new one - they're pretty cheap).

Thanks for getting back to me. I have tried pendrive linux and for some reasons I have not been successful. I am no expert but would appreciate your help here. I am still confused on how to install turnkeylinux, is there a full iso which can be written to a cd or usb? Can it then be deployed on a new system or does it really need to have ubuntu server installed before proceeding to turnkey ...?

I have been online reading and researching and I have not been lucky,hence this post. I have never used virtual machine and I would appreciate a quicker solution if possible. Thanks for reading.

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Personally I run all my appliances as VMs, as unless you have either low spec hardware, or some serious heavy lifting to do, I think generally its a waste of resources to run just one software appliance on one physical machine, but your philosophy or needs may be different to mine.

And while the virtualisation route does take a little more initial setting up, the added flexibility you gain is well worth it IMO. If your hardware supports it I recommend ProxmoxVE as a good headless hypervisor OS (an OS designed specifically to run VMs). It's what I use both at home and at work. The new v2beta looks cool but I am still running the stable v1.9.

You'll need a monitor connected initially to install, but after that you can administer it all from a network connected PC using a web browser. Just upload whatever ISOs you want (via the WebUI) and install from them. Like I said, a little more initial setting up, but adds lots of versatility and room for testing other stuff (it supports pretty much any OS).

Hi Jeremy, thanks for getting back to me. I have never used any VM before but I always like to fiddle around with these. 

My needs are as follows :

- I want to have a webserver, hosting purpose.

-File server to serve a small network.

-Automated back up to a LAN and to another device on a WAN.

So far I have an ubuntu server set up and I thought that turnkeylinux would run within ubuntu, hence the whole confusion since the beginning. Also I have had some problems with my cd writer and using linuxpendrive to prepare a boot up disk and install the OS failed, even though I tried using both options at the bottom of pendrive linux, new and old version.

I would appreciate if you could advise me on the OS that I would to opt for. Thanks for reading and I look forward to hear back from you.

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Seeing as TKL is a self contained OS and your needs are for a Web server and a Fileserver I would highly recommend a Hypervisor OS on bare metal (ie replace Ubuntu Server). That way you can install both appliances as separate virtual machines. Depending on your hardware you'll probably be able to run/test other TKL appliances as you please as well.

As I said ProxmoxVE is my prefered option. There are others but either you have to pay for them, or they are somewhat limited. PVE is free open source software so is a much better option IMO. Just check the minimum requirements first. Then download either the stable v1.9 or v2.0 beta ISO from the downloads page (I recommend v1.9).

There are good instructions for installing from USB for v1.9 here or v2.0beta here. For further info about PVE have a look at their wiki and/or forums.

Once you have that all set up then using the PVE WebUI from another PC on your LAN, upload your TKL ISOs and create new VM and install.

Hi. I got the turnkeylinux running now, finally got a cd burner as pendrivelinux could not prepare a boot up disk with TKL os..... I am impressed on how quick it was installed. Now what is the easiest option of storing and sharing files, webmin and file manager seems to go too deep down and I don't want user to mess with any of these. Any ideas ?

I am asking someone else the same question so I can get a bigger picture of the next steps...

Thanks for reading.

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I am unclear as to what you're trying to do. The two most popular options are:

1) Install a virtualization server (such as VMware ESXi, VMware Workstation, VirtualBox, Linux KVM, etc) on the physical machine and then deploy a Turnkey appliance as a Virtual Machine into that virtualization server.


2) Download a Turnkey ISO, burn it to a CD, and install that onto the physical machine.


If you are trying to so the first, you need to start with the Virtualization Server. I would suggest you go with something like VirtualBox (www.virtualbox.org). You install an Operating System of your choice onto the physical hardware and then follow the instructions on the VirtualBox site to install VirtualBox. Once you have that working, you can come back to Turnkey Linux and deploy a virtual appliance.



If you are looking for the second option: There certianly is a full ISO that can be written to a CD or USB. If you are looking for a FileServer then you should go to:


There is a link to the ISO Image. Simply download it and burn it to a CD and you're good to install it on any physical machine. You do not need to have anything installed on the machne at all as Turnkey Linux includes the Operating Systems itself. You can also burn that same iso to a USB stick as well as boot with that. As Jeremy pioints out, there are several tools to do that. I happen to have used 'tuxboot' (www.tuxboot.org) to do that successfully.

Thanks for getting back to me and I apologize for the delay in replying back. I thought that turnkeylinux would run under ubuntu, thinking it was the same principle as joomla etc... Thank you for clearing my confusion.

Also, one last question, can TKL be accessed using SSH or not ? I mean something like putty ?

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A Turnkey installation can do anything that Ubuntu 10.04 can do.

Essentially thing of Turnkey as a pre-installed and pre-configured Ubuntu 10.04 system with additional pre-installed pre-configured system. For example, the Turnkey Fileserver IS Ubuntu 10.04 with a fileserver, web based explorer, and other cool things (such as automated backup to the cloud) pre-installed and ready to go.

So, yes. If you install a Turnkey image, SSH will be installed and running without you having to do anything.

Thanks for replying back...I am impressed on how quickly I get response from this forum.. Anyway I am about to download the iso and burn it to a cd.. What sounds funny is that it is less than 200 mb for the whole OS !! Seems like puppylinux elder's brother here.. Lol ...I will get back to you once I get this up and running....

Hi. I got the turnkeylinux running now... I am impressed on how quick it was installed. Now what is the easiest option of storing and sharing files? Webmin and file manager seems to go too deep down and I don't want users to mess with any of these. Any ideas ?

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The main reason I would imagine that you want to use the file sharing appliance would be to make use of the preconfigured Samba function (ie SMB/Windows file sharing)? Either that or the eXtplorer WebUI file sharing stuff (note that eXtplorer has it's own user database that you will need to set up separately or use the 'FTP mode').

Webmin is intended for administration, certainly not for general users.

Another option is to use SFTP but you'll probably want to 'chroot jail' your users so that they can't browse the whole filesystem.

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Hi Jeremy, I got turnkey file server running with VirtualBox on ubuntu
This Ubuntu machine had IP:

I tried to browse it from other workstation, but it can not.

error message "Problem Loading: The Connection has time out, The server at is taking too long to respond"

This is Turnkey File server Conf:

File Manager:

web shell:
ssh/sftp: root@
tklbam: not initialized

IP adr:
Default getway:

The questions are:

1. How can I get access/browse to turnkey file server
2. is it possible to install and run virtual box without desktop gui


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Dear All,

After read virtual box manual on appliance installation tutorial, i had solved the first question
It solved by reconfigure network setting on virtual box that using bridge

Later I will try to install virtual box and trunkey appliance without ubuntu desktop GUI


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You do know that you can install TKL to bare metal if you want right?

Having said that I wouldn't either (unless it was particularly low end and/or old hardware). Personally I love ProxmoxVE. It is a free open source headless virtual machine server based on Debian. It has a very useful WebUI. If your hardware is up to it, it could be a good option for you?

If your hardware isn't up to it, then another possibility for you may be Rik's phpVirtualBox Headless Server (TKLPatch post here).

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I just knew it recently that TKL could be installed as bare metal as you said.

I will try ProxmoxVE in the future, right now i need to run PDC after TKL File Server.

Hi Jeremy, I have noticed you have mentioned "ProxmoxVE" few times now and I would like to give it a try on a pc... To sum up, I wanted something that could do all in one, for example, a web server for hosting websites, a file server, and something which includes automated back up. Does ProxmoxVE has all these features ? Just asking so it saves me going through manuals at this time.... 

Now my next question, Does TKL has a feature to run automated back up to another remote server? I would like to exclude amazon back up since I have a Dlink dns 325 running on a different remote IP... Anyone can help here?

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PVE is basically va headless hypervisor OS (based on Debian) that you can then install all your VMs on. It has no additional functionality until you install guest OSs on it. Its sort of like a headless VirtualBox server on steroids! I use most of my Linux appliances in OVZ format and they seem to run as good as bare metal...

You can use TKLBAM still, just have to set it to use a specifc location rather. You will also need to set up your own custom cron jobs to automate it.

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Hi Jeremy, i had installed fileserver and pdc, both of them run samba. Are they work as one or part?.

Fileserver limit 8MB upload file size, how could i resize it?.

Usualy, i reconfig php.ini 

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But are configured differently, for different purposes. I haven't used the PDC but you may be able to bend that to serve files as well I would think (but not sure...) Please note that the PDC is an NT style domain controller and isn't a full blown AD controller.

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I thought they could not be bend, because they serve at deferent virtual machine.

I use the PDC to get network printing service, where i can not find it on TKL Fileserver

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Also sorry I didn't actually answer your question re increasing upload file size in eXtplorer. I vaguely recall doing that but I don't recall exactly what I did... Yeah the php.ini file would be a good start, I think there are 2 (or perhaps 3) places it needs to be edited (in the php.ini file)...

[update] Here's the info: http://extplorer.net/projects/extplorer/wiki/Large_uploads

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It work with only php.ini
For those who looking for php.ini at TKL filesever. It located at /etc/php5/cgi/

Could any one give me how to tweak TKL fileserver setting or is there any documentation for it

If you have not solved your upload problem get back to me and I will explain further. I edited some files and it worked great now...I tested a 700mb upload from the LAN ( local network) and it got there in few min which I could not believe...

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