I've gotten mixed messages about where to propose and then follow through on ideas for TKL appliances. (I've been told the general forum, but I see others being directed to the blueprints. I figured I'd follow the instructions I first received):

Is there any interest in an Elgg appliance? Elgg is an open-source social networking platform (learn more about Elgg here: http://elgg.org/). It looks like a manageable patch, looks as though it would be a good final contribution from the students I work with, and looks like they'll be able to accomplish it with minimum guidance. And it fits my requirement of being useful for education institutions. But I only want them to pursue it if it's a possible candidate that would potentially find an audience among your users.

Any thoughts?

Rik Goldman

Patch Completed

Root User:
Username: root
Password: none (until install)
MySQL Root User:
Username: root
Password: root
Elgg MySQL User:
Username: elgg
Password: elgg
Elgg Admin User:
Username: admin
Password: elggadmin

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