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I'm planning on putting a TurnKey Rails image on one of these plug pc devices, specifically the GuruPlug Server ones(https://www.globalscaletechnologies.com/p-31-guruplug-server-standard.aspx).


Anyone ever adapted an image for ARM devices?

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Currently TKL is x86 only. The devs have discussed plans for support for AMD64 (ie x86_64) and have said that ultimately they'd like to support ARM builds, but I don't see it happening anytime soon. So at this point you will need to roll your own (from Debian or Ubuntu).

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Thats sad to hear, I'm currently running debian on these devices but it would be awesome to give them some TurnKey love...

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Because there is lots of nice small, lightweight ARM based setups (like the one you link to above) that would make great servers. And ARM architecture is on the rise! Even Windows is planning to support it in Windows8 (or so I've read)!

In fact I think that there may even be a market for a 'TKL-plug' (ie TKL branded micro server with TKL preinstalled).

Anyway I've lodged a blueprint.

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ARM is definitely something that we'd like to support, given the cool little gadgets you can get, from pizza box servers, plugs, STBs and even the new raspberry pi for $25!!.

No time frame yet, but most likely after we add 64bit support.

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I liked the idea of a TKL Plug because it's exactly what I'm going for in my current project and I believe there is market for solutions like that (like the tonido plug for example).

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Specifically the Raspberry Pi and Pogoplug surplus items...the ability to take a $25-35 piece of hardware and do a tklpatched install creates an incredibly rapid deployment of a super cheap resource. I think there are some incredible possibilities here.

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So the first OS that comes to my mind, is TKL. I'm just sadly finding out that ARM architecture is not YET supported. O'well. Im mainly commenting on this, so I can subscribe to this thread; for any updates or suggestions. Im not even sure what Im going to do w/ the Raspberry Pi, I just had to have one. Keep up the great work TKL team!


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From what I've read Ubuntu doesn't support the ARM v6 processor that is on the current Raspberry Pi, but apparently Debian does. It's obviously not quite the same having to build your own, but at least you should be able to create something pretty sweet.

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There is a Debian "squeeze" build provided by the Raspberry Pi team, I am going to try first; to see if I can get a feel for the Raspberry Pi. After that I hope to come up w/ some cool project for it. My dd-wrt kongmod router already does a lot of the popular Pi ideas (media server, samba, vpn, ftp, etc.) Thanks for your suggestion.


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Another BIG request for TKL on the Raspberry Pi - they're made for each other. Now the Pi is hitting the streets, you're going to get burried with similar requests!


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+1 !


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According to my sources it's on the (ethereal) TKL 'roadmap'...

We will have to wait for v12.1, (Squeeze based) then v13 (Wheezy based) to be released first though... So realisticly will probably be a while away...

IIRC though Rik did hack together a v12.x TKL ARM build which runs on Raspi.

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RPi 2 B+ @ 900 MHz w/ 1GB RAM just announced. That's close to enough horsepower to build a *real* server replacement. Has there been any movement on TKL for ARM?


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Although you never know what we might be working on in the background! ;)

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Loving the PI400. And loved the idea of turnkey solutions. Too bad they aren't working on Pi400.....

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