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hi there, is there any plan of adding bookstack documentation platform to the Stack templates? it will be awesome. thanks 

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No promises, but I just had a quick look and it seems super easy to install. If/when I get a chance, I'll develop some build code and you can test the iso out! :)

No promises though...

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there are a lot of people using it, its a nice platform, keep me posted plz. cheers

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I had a bit of a play with this last night and have it mostly done. The inithook (i.e. firstboot script) still isn't right, but it should still be usable (with the default '' user with password 'password').

I have other priorities to focus on so I'm not sure when I'll get back to this, but please feel free to build an ISO locally and test it out. If you're not sure how, then have a read of the docs. I suggest that you follw that and build Core first.

Then when you get to "Build another ISO", download my BookStack build code repo and build from that. Please note that I haven't tested building to ISO yet, nor tested firstboot, so the chance of bugs is high. But please feel free to post any feedback here and I'll post back ASAP with advice or fixes.

Good luck and look forward to your feedback! :)

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oh man, i tried the above mentioned, but some how when building the iso it just go as the core installation, i used the bookstack repo, would you update the method plz, btw they latest release brough MFA which is nice, i need to get this working on my proxmox . thanks for the hard work. 

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Here's how to build it from start to finish (assuming you are running as root on a TKLDev):

cd products
rm -rf bookstack # in case it already exists
git clone
cd bookstack

When run, it should always install the latest release (it clones the HEAD (latest commit) of the Bookstack release branch.

Now that Debian Bullseye has been released, hopefully it won't take too long to get an RC of v17.0 built (I'll pubish Core and TKLDev once we have them). Once I'm comfortable with the LAMP appliance, I'll aim to make this an official TurnKey appliance. Not sure how long all that will take, but if you keep an eye out for the RC announcement, helping test that would certainly help things move along...

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certainly ill be testing this up. thanks for the update. cheers

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