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Hello all,


This is my first post. Started playing with TurnkeyLinux today. I had to install an OTRS solution for the company I work for and I installed a Windows virtual machine. I want to keep TKL as an alternative if not even replace the Windows machine since it uses more RAM than TKL.

But the image here has the version 2.4.7 of OTRS.

How can I update? I would like to run the latest version. 3.1.6 that is.

Please keep in mind that I don't have that much experience with Linux. I am not a complete stranger of terminal commands but I still consider myself a noob.



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But not without a bit of mucking around. If you are patient (and not scared off by the terminal) then it shouldn't be beyond you.

I don't know how much perspective you have, but a bit of reading may be worth it before you start. Here are some starters:
And one that specifically talks about OTRS (although an older version)

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Hi, thanks for answering.

I got the 3.1.6 OTRS package from sid. Ran dpkg, it shows as installed but I don't see any changes.
Is there anything else? Can't find anything new


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I would suggest that you uninstall the old one first (apt-get remove <package-name>) and if that still doesn't work, perhaps try uninstalling with the '--purge' switch. OTTOMH other things to try may be restarting Apache (service apache2 restart) and/or simply rebooting the appliance.

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That doesn't work. The package from sid is too small to be a complete release.

I tried it and I get a 404 error.

Oh well, it seems I'll have to bare with the Windows machine. At least I got a Wordpress TKL for personal use that is just great.

I'll chek to see if there will be an update on the OTRS virtual apliance.



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IIRC OTRS will install from upstream to a LAMP server relatively easily. I suggest that you consult the OTRS website and install direct from there to a TKL LAMP appliance.

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I had that in mind but because of the lack of free time I had to leave it aside.

Right now we I have the Windows machine in production so I'll give it a rest for now. 
Maybe this weekend I'll try and do it.

I'll get back with news.


Thanks for your help

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No doubt someone will find that useful.

For future reference if you used the LAMP appliance as a basis you probably wouldn't need to install quite so many packages, but I guess that's probably no such a big issue. Besides you probably avoid needing to tweak the Apache site (with your instructions - as I suspect you would with LAMP).

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I looked at the LAMP app but I was more interested in trying out the new debian base.

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That makes perfect sense! :)

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