Where is Nextcloud 17.1. There is a Owncloud 17.1, but I would like desperately to renew my Nextcloud 16 instance. Does Nextcloud 17.1 have a special problem to produce it?


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Hi Peter, we haven't done it yet...

There is no particularly good reason why we have updated ownCloud but haven't updated the Nextcloud app yet. Just that our normal major version updated release process got interrupted with a range of issues (one after another...). As such, the initial v17.x release has dragged out for much longer than we might have hoped.

I don't have an ETA but I do hope to publish the next batch of appliances updated to v17.x in about 2 weeks. I have asked one of our devs to prioritise it. No promises, but hopefully it will be in that batch.

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Pls, don't forget to update to PHP 8.x if possible for future releases of Nextcloud

There are some warnings regarding your setup.

Or is there a Problem?


What do you think?

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We get PHP from Debian - v17.x = Debian 11/Bullseye, which has PHP 7.4. Whilst it's not the latest, there are advantages sticking with the Debian default PHP - primarily the relative safety of auto security updates.

Having said that, newer PHP is perhaps one of the most common questions/requests we get. So we're keen to try to make it as easy as possible. As you may already be aware, there is a trustworthy 3rd party PHP apt repository that can be used to install newer versions. But it's not as simple as we'd like. I have had a couple of stabs at a tool to make it easier but haven't nailed it yet.

The GH issue you link to appears to be related to running Nextcloud on PHP 8.1. So unless you installed PHP 8.1, it shouldn't be an issue for you.

I looked on the Turnkey website to see if Nextcloud 17.1 is available. Not available. But in my Proxmox I already downloaded it.

Is it a miracle?

I suggest updating the website.


PS I'm quite happy that the new Nextcloud finally arrived.

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You are correct Peter! :)

The updated v17.1 release of v17.1 Nextcloud has indeed been published (and part of the publishing process means that they're available via Proxmox). As you note, I still need to update the website... I was hoping to get that done last week (the images were published on Wed), but ran out of time. I should get it done in the next day or 2. FWIW, you can always find the latest (and older) builds on our mirror.

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for the mirror!

But now I have just another complaint!! The DONATE page does not work. So when you start updating the website do not forget that important page. I really need it!



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I've finally published the announcement of the latest batch of builds - including Nextcloud.

I'll have to have a look at the donations page...

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Hi, Thx for publishing new Nextcloud

I have the olde v16 version running on an ESXi 7 machine.

What would be the easiest way to get this Installation to v17?

THX for step to step instructions

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I would imagine that a TKLBAM data migration should "just work", but I haven't tested.

Or you could just manually migrate the data. You should only need the 2 folders and the database.

Another option would be to do a Debian style in-place upgrade. Technically you would end up with something that isn't quite v17.1 but is very close.

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