Getting started with Python and Lisp

A few weeks ago I talked with a friend studying computer science who I discovered had never experienced the joy of programming with a high level language. Not only that but he didn't have the first clue what he was missing. I feared without my immediate intervention another perfectly good mind would be wasted in programming hell. At his university they were using Java for nearly everything so he had somehow gotten the terribly mistaken idea that it didn't really matter what programming language one used. I carefully explained that:

  1. Programming languages were not equivalent. Not by a longshot.
  2. Java is rarely the language of choice for really good programmers
  3. The two languages I recommend taking a close look at are Python and Lisp.

He had never heard of Python or Lisp before so I helpfully provided a list of links to resources that would hopefully help get him started. Then I figured I'd share those resources with the community for the benefit of other misguided programmers in similar circumstances.

Also, next time this issue comes up I won't have to waste any breath proselytizing. I'll just point to this blog post.

Lisp resources

Paul Graham

Paul Graham has written extensively about this stuff. Listen to this guy, he really gets it.

He's also written a book ("On Lisp") you can buy or download for free:


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Look at this blog, it should help you

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