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I just got this warning when I tried to post today. I've been getting some similar errors all day today, both on my old (Ubuntu 9.10) Laptop and my Ubuntu 10.04 desktop (both running Firefox 3.5.x, not sure of java versions). It seems to happen that sometimes (and it seems almost random) that when editing, you click the save button and nothing happens. Sometimes you can push the button again and after a brief hesitation it will work. But occasionally it will go to a similar error. I have had a few that I have just tried again from a new tab and its worked, but some refuse to save and just keep coming back with the message :

Your hashcash string is not valid.

Please try "Hard-refreshing" this page (Most users should press Ctrl-F5)

Logging out and back seems to be the only solution when a page does that a couple of times (it keeps doing it, but other pages continue to be fine)

[update] I seem to be having ongoing issues trying to add a tag to the two threads here and here.

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Do you use any special extensions that mess around with Javascript execution? (e.g., NoScript).

Looking at the logs this doesn't seem to be a frequent problem. I suspect this might have been caused by your browser caching the non-hashcash versions of the pages, in which case clearing the case would have resolved it. If the problem still persisted after the initial problems that could be a warning sign something is seriously wrong.

For now I've disabled Hashcash.

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Thanks for the follow up though. Yes it's been mostly fine for a while now, it resolved itself later the same day from memory (or very soon after anyway).

But for the record I was using Firefox 3.5/6.something (Ubuntu 10.04) and with lots of extensions but no NoScript (I only bother using it under Windows). But I also had the same issues using Chromium (don't recall what version but its the unstable PPA - no extensions or addons, etc). I'm not sure if it was a factor but I have a habit of having 30-40 plus tabs/windows open.

Since it seemed to mostly resolve itself this has only happened a couple of times and I've noticed that if I click preview again (after I get the hashcash error) then it will all work ok.

Bottom line is it seems fine now, haven't had any problems for a few days at least.

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I'll keep it disabled for now, for simplicity's sake. Sounds like it was just a caching issue, but anyhow according to the logs, Hashcash isn't really necessary at the moment as the other countermeasures are working well enough. If Mollom gets unreliable again I'll reactivate it.
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Hi mate,

I am trying to post my reply from last 20 hours however not able to b'cos of the same error "Your hashcash string is not valid.

Please try "Hard-refreshing" this page (Most users should press Ctrl-F5)"


Can somebody take care of this at the earliest, Thanks.




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But with perseverence it usually works...

I've tried three different browsers with multiple different configurations, disabling noscript and everything else i can think of... here's hoping a comment works when a new post won't?

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So you will now avoid most of the spam traps. Please let me know if you continue to have issues (or they reoccur for you).

That also applies to anyone else having issues. Just ping me and I can do this for anyone (who is a legitimate poster - spammers, please don't even ask - any accounts spamming the forums are instantly deleted).

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Don't know if this will post...

Just created a forum user to get support for wordpress but get this hashcash error when trying to create the post.  Tried firefox and chrome.  logged out and in.


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So now, you too can now avoid the spam traps! :)

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thanks heaps :)

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