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How much does turnkey hub cost?

Let say I host two turnkey instance? how much does it cost? $0.095 per hour for two instance for the same Amazone EC2 account?

Yes it is calculate by

Yes it is calculate by instance. It is expensive.

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Micro instances are now supported

I just announced support for micro instances on the blog. Micro instances have less RAM than a small instance (613MB vs 1.7GB) but they cost just 2 cents an hour (less than $15/month if you run 24x7).

Can I have any alternative

Can I have any alternative hosting?

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Yes you can have any host you'd like :)

But if you want to use TKL they will need to have TKL images available. There are some listed here (scroll down). If you have a prefered host that doesn't have TKL images, then perhaps shoot them an email and get them to consider it. The TKL devs are generally happy to work with anyone (within reason) from what I've seen.

AWS is prefered purely for functionality, performance, reliability, scalability, availability and it's global location (big datacentres in major population zones/continents). If/when an open cross-provider cloud API becomes available and is widely supported you can be sure that TKL Hub will work with many other providers.

As for cost. I guess if you compared to a shared hosting plan it is very expensive, but as a VPS where you actually get the resources that you pay for it's pretty much on a par +/- (Some dodgey VPS providers often seem to oversell, so you don't actually get what you are paying for). And for relatively basic site hosting I'd think that any VPS is probably going to be overkill.

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Good value If you Use It Right

I have a VPS that I pay $99/month for. It is a quality service that is probably 30% more expensive than others but when I get peak downloads it never dies. They actaully had DOS attacks that reduced capacity to 25% but it kept going.

Amazon is similar but with TKL the feature set makes it truly remarkable and worthwhile so when my contract runs out I will be switching to amazon and will spend probably the same amount (about $75 per month for the Amazon VPS and $25 ish for bandwidth).

So dont forget to factor in the bandwidth costs also.

Clearly for a single low volume website the Small server is overkill but when the micro instance is realised it may be worthwhile, especially if you have a reserved appliance. $52/year plus 0.01 dollars per hour = $12 a month roughly (not including amazons free tier)

Chris Musty


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Yes Amazon is not a bad

Yes Amazon is not a bad choice actually. The problem is I need to host multiple instance, let say 10 instance will cost about $750 per month! 

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Depending on your hosting requirements

You may be able to add the extra sites/functionality into a single (or at least just a couple of) instance(s). For example, multiple sites are possible through many of the appliances eg LAMP/Drupal/WordPress/etc.

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What are you trying to achieve

What are you trying to achieve?

You may be better off getting a dedicated server or a colo and running proxmox. TKLBAM would work well also.

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Is there any VPS hosting

Is there any VPS hosting which I can host multiple Turnkey Linux instances easily?

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Not Really

The idea of a VPS is to share systems resources without instances interfering with each other.

Technically you could virtualise a virtual server but the results are poor and often do not even work - at least the systems I have tried it on.

Essentially you would run a TKL instance on a single VPS.

The easiest way by far is amazon. The next best if you are up to it is a colocation server or dedicated setup from a hosting provider.

If you want to test mutliple instances locally then get a 64bit PC (probably 2GHz+) with a decent amount of ram and as much hdd as you need. Install Proxmox and run your instances from that environment.

Proxmox is the easiest virtualisation tool to learn and is well supported.

Chris Musty


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+1 PVE

I'm a big fan of Proxmox and agree with Chris on that one. I guess that won't be much help to you though if you actually need then to be in production.

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