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TurnKey 13.0 release candidate 3 - a community effort!

Before getting to the release, let's recap on how we got here:

In June the TurnKey 12.1 64-bit maintenance release was announced, built with the (soon to be released) TKLDev build appliance.

That same month TurnKey moved to GitHub, providing us with a unified tracker for bugs, issues and feature requests, a wiki to track appliance candidates and whiteboards, and of course a central code repository - used to facilitate collaboration via forks and pull requests.

Fast forward to July, TKLDev (Turnkey's appliance development and build system in a box) 12.1 was released together with all the appliance source code on GitHub.

Then in August the build chain was upgraded to TurnKey 13 based on Debian Wheezy, and it was announced that TurnKey 13.0 was ready for community development.

It's now September, and I'm proud to announce we've pushed out TurnKey 13.0rc3, the first community developed TurnKey release. All development was done out in the open using GitHub and TKLDev. Major props go out to the awesome folks who helped shape this release, including but not limited to: Jeremy Davis, Eric Young, Jenny Qian, John Carver and Philip Daniels.


The 13.0rc3 64bit ISO's are available for download from sourceforge or via our download mirror network.

Notable changes

  • TKLBAM 1.3 has been released which includes support for PostgreSQL, MySQL views and triggers, improved backup and restore functionality, and loads of bug fixes.
  • Two brand new appliance additions (more in the pipeline...):
    • OpenVPN: a full-featured open source SSL VPN solution that accommodates a wide range of configurations, including remote access, site-to-site VPNs, Wi-Fi security, and more. OpenVPN offers a cost-effective, lightweight alternative to other VPN technologies that is well-targeted for the SME and enterprise markets.
    • Tendency: a content management system built specifically for NPOs (Non Profit Organizations). Tendenci core features include membership management, online events calendar and event registration, donations form, online business directories, and rich media photo galleries and video gallery modules.
  • OwnCloud upgraded and updated to use upstream Debian package instead of source code, providing easy upgrade path.
  • Bugzilla and Mahara were rewritten to use upstream source code instead of Debian packages as they are no longer available.
  • Several appliances are being dropped from the library:
  • Loads of bugfixes.

Next up

  1. Testing and bugfixing of the RC's. Many hands make light work as the saying goes, so we encourage everyone interested in making Linux and open source software easier to use to get involved.
  2. Importing and building TKLDev community projects. If you've developed a new appliance and want it included in the final 13.0 release, let us know. If you've been wanting to put on your developer hat and get your hands dirty, now is the time.
  3. Upgrading and testing build infrastructure for optimized builds.
  4. Official 13.0 release, yeah baby!

We'll also be reviewing all existing and future pull requests, we encourage anyone interested in leaving their mark on TurnKey to step in and collaborate with us.


Dustin's picture

Hi.  Can two of these be setup for Domain Control, DNS, and DHCP where the second box would work as an automatic failover for each?  Right now we are using Windows 2000 Server and the backup is not a hot failover.



Alon Swartz's picture

Quick update: TurnKey Core 13.0rc3 amd64 optimized builds for VMDK, OVF, Xen, OpenStack, OpenVZ and OpenNode (new) are now available.

[update] All TurnKey 13.0rc3 builds are available for deployment to the Amazon EC2 cloud via the TurnKey Hub (click 13.0rc on the launch page). We are now moving to the testing stage...

L. Arnold's picture

TKLBAM 1.3 has been released which includes support for PostgreSQL,

So now We need to build the OpenERP Ap and I need to migrate my home built one..  Fun Fun.

Maybe I could do a simple Migration of my Ap over a fresh Postgres Ap..    If it were all that easy.  I will report somehthing soon.

Great news on the whole project though too.  Kudos and more!

Alon Swartz's picture

Let us know how the migration goes.

BTW, we just pushed out TKLBAM 1.4 - focused on improving usability, robustness, and improvements as an independent general purpose.

L. Arnold's picture

I posted this in the forums, but no solution yet.  Basically it looks like my 12.0 PostgreSQl (OpenERP on it) build has taken the Tklbam upgrade (1.47 it seems).

However, when I go to initialize (via Webmin) I get this error:

TurnKey Hub Error: Backup profile archive not found: turnkey-postgresql-12.0-squeeze-x86

Without a profile TKLBAM can't auto-configure the backup process for your
system. Sorry about that! However even without a profile you can still:

- Restore existing backups
- Backup raw directories with the --raw-upload option

More text of it is in the forum thread.  It seems that since PostGreSQL was not able to be backed up there was not an image built of it.  Now I would simply like to create a Backup so that I can restore it over a version 13 applicance build.

Any thoughts on this?  Thank you.

Dominique Dutra's picture


Good work.

Last month I decided to move my webserver to Nginx. I wanted Nginx, APC and PHP5-FPM. I also needed nginx-extras for fastcgi purge and some other things. I use dotdeb repo.

Anyways I decided to build from scratch over a Turnkey 13.0 Core RC2 on EC2.


It has been working flawlessly for 30 days.


Best regards.

Endre Palatinus's picture

Good job! The 13.0 rc3 finally works with XenServer 6.2.0 without any major difficulties.

Steps to create a VM on a XenServer host:

  • Create new VM from Other install media (You get a HVM guest this way.)
  • Installation source: ISO image
  • Update packages using apt-get
  • Install XenServer tools
  • Reboot

The surprising thing, is that you see memory, network and performance information in XenCenter and can reboot, suspend or shut down the machine from there, as if it was a PV guest. If you check the HVM-boot-policy and PV-bootloader params of the VM, you'll see that XenServer recognizes it as a HVM guest, but that does not have any effect on the above mentioned feature. Yet, it won't mess up things if you change these params to get a PV guest.

I highly recommend upgrading to this turnkey linux version for users of XenServer!

Alon Swartz's picture

I'm glad TurnKey is more "turnkey" on XenServer... :)

Mohn Jadden's picture

I'm booting off the 13rc3 iso and I get an initramfs prompt after booting into the installer.  It doesn't continue.  Any knowledge on what I should do?  I've got 15gb storage for the root and 1gb for the swap (using only 256mb RAM).

Samuel Demirdjian's picture

Hi all,

Thank you for all the good work.

Where can I suggest an appliance? The HHVM seems to gain some traction and I wonder if I can test it easily (read: the turnkey way). You guys spoiled us!

Thanks again!

Alon Swartz's picture

New appliance candidates should be proposed on TurnKey's GitHub Tracker Wiki.


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