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TurnKey moves to GitHub

octocatAs Liraz mentioned a couple of weeks ago, TKLDev - TurnKey's shiny new appliance that can build appliances (including itself - now that's cool!) will soon be released, along with all the appliance source code.

While writing the documentation for TKLDev, it occurred to me that when a developer creates a new appliance, they need to let us know so it can be imported into the official library, but how?

Forum post? Development wiki entry? Launchpad blueprint?

This simple question germinated a simple idea, which spawned tentacles and grew over a dozen or so iterations into a wholesale migration to GitHub and the retirement of several services and sites we've used over the years. Goodbye Launchpad and thanks for all the fish! 

Why GitHub?

We've been tracking all of our development in Git since the very earliest versions. Back when Linus was still maintaining the project himself and you had to be a Linux ninja to grok the CLI.

Fast forward about 6 years later and GitHub is the de facto standard in Git hosting. It's a good service with an excellent user experience. Super fast and very popular so most developers won't need to create a new login to contribute. Launchpad project management tools served us well but being able to do it all under one roof at GitHub, where all the other cool devs are hanging out is too hard to resist.

Unified tracker for bugs, issues and feature requests

All open and relevant bugs and feature requests have been migrated to the unified tracker. If you reported an issue on LP, you'll want to 'watch' the migrated issue to get updates.

New bugs, issues and feature requests should be reported on the new TurnKey Tracker.

  • Replaces Launchpad bug tracker.
  • Replaces Launchpad blueprints (part 1).

Wiki to track appliance candidates and whiteboards

All appliance candidates have been migrated to the new wiki. If you proposed an appliance, want to show your support for some, or want to propose more, that's where to do it.

Additionally, all development wiki pages and whiteboards have been migrated as well, and linked to from the appliance candidates when relevant.

  • Replaces internal list of candidates.
  • Replaces Launchpad blueprints (part 2).
  • Replaces (development wiki).

Central code repository now hosts all the code that was on the old code.tkl site, including some new projects. And of course, all appliance source code and TKLDev components are not far behind.

Not only is GitHub used to host TurnKey's source code, but will also be used to facilitate collaboration via forks and pull requests. Take a look at the initial draft of TurnKey's GitFlow.

  • Replaces



Jeremy Davis's picture

I think this is fantastic and really paves the way for a more responsive and inlusive TKL. I really hope that this allows for and supports greater community involvement with TKL. I am proud to have been able to assist and be a part of this so thanks for the opportunity Alon! :)

Adrian Moya's picture

Another great decision of the TKLDuo, and I'm pretty happy to see this move. This only means that the team have listened to it's community, which is very important for an opensource project. These were steps necessary to promote participation in a more straight forward way.


Sebastian Barrett's picture

Good move. GitHub is not just full of Chinese cats (or what was that?), but the TKLDuo is going strong with their most exellent opensource visions. I believe this has increased the number of people participating.. so sweet! We all remember what Linus said, "Software is like sex: it's better when it's free”. Hugs and Kisses, Sebastian.


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