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Blogging - it's about time we started

I always figured I would have to try out this blogging "fad" some time in the future. It just never really seemed like the right time to start. Well now we're in 2010 which sounds a lot like the future to the kid in me, so I guess it's time to get our act together and go for it. So yes, it's finally going to happen. The blogging apocalypse is upon us!

Of course, there's a bit more than pure whim involved. Every time Alon and I have a nice long chat about the project blogging (or our lack of) comes up and it seems like such a good idea.

Behind the scenes, our adventures with TurnKey take us far and wide to the four corners of geekdom. We think it'll be fun to open up more and share some of the interesting things we're learning back with the community.

So next time I send an e-mail to Alon thinking "that would make a good blog post", I'll just go a head and publish it.

To talk ourselves into getting started we even made a list of reasons to blog:

  1. publish reviews of the open source software we're exploring
  2. share some of the tricks we've learned along the way
  3. establish a better dialog with the community
  4. highlight interesting community contributions to the project
  5. provide a sneak peek at upcoming developments

We realize forming new habits can be hard at first, so to make sure we follow through on giving TurnKey a voice we've resolved to try and post at least once a week.

We're also accepting quality guest submissions from the community. The web site gets several thousand visitors a day, so if you have something interesting to say you think would be a good fit for the TurnKey Blog, send it our way!

News vs Blog

All previous project news announcements have been converted to blog posts tagged under 'news'. By default subscription is now to the blog. Note, if you previously subscribed to the project news feed, you will continue to receive only project news.

The blog is intended to be a bit more chatty than the previous project news section, so we've also added a low-traffic news and security announcements e-mail newsletter which registered users receive by default. Its also available as an RSS feed.

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