Comparing Debian vs Alpine for container & Docker apps

Background: For TurnKey 15 (codenamed TKLX) we're evaluating a change of architecture from the current generation of monolithic systems to systems as collections of container based micro-services. Essentially the service container replaces the package as the highest level system abstraction.

There are several layers to the new architecture, but the first step is to figure out the best way to create the service containers. Alon has been quietly working on this for the last couple of months and managed to slim down Debian to 12MB compressed for the base image:

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Heroku is dead – no-one uses it anymore. You need to use Docker now

Because it's the future!


  • modern devops is complicated 6 levels deep
  • curse of knowledge
  • one size does not fit all
  • new and shiny doesn't always make for good engineering

v14.0 Optimized Builds - Part 2: Containers

Proxmox, OpenNode & Docker

Following close behind the Optimized Builds Part 1 announcement, I am happy to present Part 2: Container builds. Part 2 includes optimized container builds for:

Announcing TurnKey Docker optimized builds

docker logoAs we've mentioned before, making TurnKey easy to deploy no matter your platform of choice is an important goal for the project. TurnKey already supports a mirade of build types including ISO, VMDK, OVF, Amazon EC2, OpenStack, OpenVZ, OpenNode, Xen, and recently added support for LXC.

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