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16:54 Mon Apr 18 Hey Kai Openchange
16:00 Mon Apr 11 Owncloud - blank page after logon Owncloud
04:15 Mon Apr 11 What version are you using and when did you download? Owncloud
22:12 Sun Apr 10 Correction Owncloud
10:55 Fri Apr 15 Apologies on very late response... Owncloud 3rd Party App
06:34 Thu Apr 21 Thanks for the feedback. PHPList way behind
07:19 Thu Apr 7 Depends where you run it... Pricing Details Revision Control - All-in-one code repository provided by TurnKey Linux
04:13 Sat Apr 16 This thread is old and probably not relevant to you... Problem to login with orangehrm
04:00 Sat Apr 16 got it working! Problem to login with orangehrm
03:54 Sat Apr 16 Some appliances not running init (login in prompt only) Problem to login with orangehrm
22:46 Fri Apr 1 Status of iRedMail?? Project announcement : iRedmail
01:50 Mon Apr 4 I say go for it John! :) Project announcement : iRedmail
18:19 Mon Apr 25 Wheezy/OpenVZ support is dying Proxmox moving from openvz to lxc
16:58 Mon Apr 18 All good! Thanks a million Proxmox VE 3.4 + OpenVZ + Observium TKL 13.0: Services don't autostart after turnkey-init
16:31 Mon Apr 18 Apologies on super slow response... Proxmox VE 3.4 + OpenVZ + Observium TKL 13.0: Services don't autostart after turnkey-init
20:13 Mon Apr 11 Thanks for the reply Proxmox vs. OpenStack
19:49 Mon Apr 11 ProxMox is "TurnKey" :) Proxmox vs. OpenStack
16:55 Mon Apr 18 Hi Alan. red5.org or any streaming solution
21:38 Sat Apr 2 No boot at all - broken grub case Repository appliance: device mapper/lvm/initramfs issue
13:49 Tue Apr 19 Its been a while S3DataError: BotoClientError: ETag from S3 did not match computed MD5