Core & TKLDev v18.0 Stable Release

Happy to announce the stable release of Turnkey v18.0. Took a little longer than I had hoped and there are only two this time. Regardless, we've finally made it to the stable release milestone, at least for Core and TKLDev. I know we'll keep the momentum up and have more v18.0 appliances ready really soon!

Core & TKLDev v18.0 Release Candidates are LIVE!!

I'm happy to announce the pre-release of the next major version of TurnKey GNU/Linux. The first v18.0 Release Candidates of Core and TKLDev are ready for download, inspection and open for feedback..

v17.x Stable Release #6 - 7 More Updated ISOs & Hub Builds, Plus Bug Fixes

We have the 6th (and hopefully final) release for 17.x (see previous v17.x announcements here if you wish). There may be some stragglers, but we're fairly close to finishing the v17.x release.

v17.1 Stable Release #5 - 17 More Updated & Buggfixed ISOs, Promxox & Hub Builds

We have the 5th release for 17.1 (see previous v17.x announcements here if you wish). We're fairly close to finishing the initial v17.x release, with only 4 appliances remaining - so one more small batch!

v17.1 Stable Release #4 - 8 More Updated ISOs & Hub Builds, Plus Bug Fixes

I hope everyone had a happy holiday season; Turnkey associates have definitely been busy over the holidays. We have a 4th installment of stable v17.1 appliances and the 7th release for 17.x (see the first 6 announcements here if you wish).

How to create new sftp user with access to /var/www

In what appears to be the new way I do things (i.e. here and here), following a question from TurnKey Hub user Rob, I'm posting this "tutorial" as a blog post.

Install newer (or latest) PostgreSQL on TurnKey

PostgreSQL logo

TurnKey Hub user Vishal recently asked about installing PostgreSQL v14+ on TurnKey. He noted that he was interested in Postgres 14 or higher because of the new IVM extension (incrementally updating materialized views). I started answering his support request, but then thought I might as well post this on the blog as perhaps it provides value for others?!

Firstly, some context and background...

v17.1 Stable Release #3 - 14 more ISOs & Hub builds

This will be technically the 3rd installment of stable v17.1 appliances and the 6th release for 17.x (see the first 5 announcements here if you wish). As previously noted, all of these apps have the v17.0 bugfix applied (many had no offical v17.0 release).

v17.1 Stable Release #2 - 24 more ISOs, Hub builds and Proxmox/LXC

After a bit of a delay - due to other competing priorities; such as our webserver dying - the v17.x release continues. As per previous updates all these appliances are being built as v17.1.

Hacking on Debian packages - the quick and dirty way

TurnKey user Ed Carp was recently trying to install TKLBAM on Linux Mint 20.3/Una (which is based on Ubuntu 20.04/Focal). Despite my best efforts, he kept hitting issue after issue.