v16.0 Stable Release #12 - 9 new appliances & 1 revived (ISOs, Hub, VM & Proxmox builds)

I'm back with another v16.x update. I anticipate that this will be the last v16.0 appliances. I hope to start looking at a v16.1 update/rebuild soon after the holiday period. This time, there are 9 brand new appliances, plus a revival of the Etherpad appliance (last released v14.2!). Just like the previous batches, these v16.0 stable TurnKey Linux appliances are available via the Hub, ISO, VM (OVA/VMDK) and Proxmox/LXC build formats.

As per always, these updated appliances, are all published to our mirror network or they can be launched directly from the Hub. As I noted in my last update, Alon has now updated the Hub to launch "16.x" as default, but for now, the old legacy 15.x appliances are still available (look for the 15.x text link - in the top right corner). They are also available for download direct from their relevant appliance pages (links provided below).

As per convention, I'll first highlight the shiny new appliances (plus Etherpad), but then also list all the v16.x appliances. As noted previously, I have had reports that the OpenStack builds are good to go, but I'm yet to build those.

turnkey 16.0 banner