TurnKey Consultants & Customizers: Wanted and for Hire

Here at TurnKey, we like to think that our products and services are pretty awesome. And we have feedback that suggests many of you agree! But we are under no illusions; we know it's not perfect. We have always considered it useful "as is" for Linux server newbs and/or relatively simple projects, but have always noted that it's really only a better starting point for more advanced users and use cases.

A few generic pain points have been highlighted and we have plans to address a couple of those in our next release (v14.2). However, obviously we can't make a "TurnKey" solution that will be perfect for every possible use case and suit every user's skill level. So regardless of what we do, some customization for each end use case will almost always be required.


Up until now, when users request support or customization beyond what we can offer, we suggested that they recruit a freelancer. However finding a good freelancer can be very hit and miss, even with the help of platforms such as Upwork (formerly Elance/oDesk) and others.

We have decided to trial a "TurnKey customization and consultant referral service". It will have two components. An internal list of available freelance TurnKey "consultants for hire". And a referral process for TurnKey users wanting engage the services of a freelancer. I will personally process the responses and seek to match the user to the most relevant available freelancer.

We consider this a bit of an experiment and the next step will depend on how this goes. If we get inundated with people wanting to get referred to a freelancer we may look at how we can streamline the process better; although I imagine that I will continue to personally process the applications to be a provider. Regardless, I anticipate that we'll get some great ideas on what new features we can add to TurnKey in the future! :)

Do You Need Guidance, Training, Development &/or Support?

If your needs go beyond what we can currently offer support-wise, be it anything from "break/fix" support, or ongoing development then I'll help you find a relevant freelancer. We can refer you for things like:

  • Customization and Development
    • Migrating existing websites and webapps to TurnKey
    • Installation and/or configuration of additional software
    • Customization of existing appliances
    • Development of software (e.g. webapps) on a TurnKey base
    • Website development (on a TurnKey base)
    • Development of new appliances (we may consider subsidising these if they are eligible for inclusion in the TurnKey Library)
  • Problem Solving
    • Troubleshooting errors and crashes
    • Disaster Recovery
    • Malware removal
  • Training
    • individuals
    • businesses, including staff training
  • Optimization
    • Performance Tuning
    • Clustering configuration
    • Security hardening
  • Maintenance and Updates
    • General maintenance
    • Updating software (particularly upstream/unpackaged software)
    • Migrating/upgrading from older versions of TurnKey

If any of the above or similar, match a need of yours, please complete the customization and consultant referral form.

If you have further questions or feedback, please either comment below, or email me direct (jeremy AT turnkeylinux.org).

Have TurnKey Skills to Share?

So far I have the names and contact details of a range of freelancers, from individuals, collectives and companies. Many are "all rounder" Debian &/or TurnKey experts, some are programmers & software developers and some are CMS experts (e.g. Joomla, Drupal, WordPress).

However, I'd really like to better leverage the expertise of our existing community. If you're a TurnKey user with skills to share, please get in touch with me. Preferably complete the freelancer registration form. If you are interested, but would like more info, please comment below or email me direct (jeremy AT turnkeylinux.org).


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