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Hi all! This is my virgin TurnKey blog post. Many of you on the forums would have come across me in your travels no doubt. I have been a volunteer serial poster on the forums now for many years. I have even had the privilege of having a blog post written about me by Liraz (one of the core TurnKey devs).

jeremyThose that pay attention to the 'karma' stats (see bottom of the forums page) may have noticed that whilst I still retain the "Most awesome of all time" crown I'm not in the "Most awesome this month" list, despite my posting frequency still being quite high. Forum regulars may have also noticed a subtle change in the way that I have been writing my posts lately. I feel like I write with a little more authority now. And that is for a very good reason!

Earlier this year I had the incredible honour of being asked by Alon and Liraz to join the TurnKey team on a full time basis! I have felt like part of the team for quite some time now, but to be formally asked to quit my job and come on board with TKL full-time blew my mind! But it also scared me a little bit too!

Never the less, I sucked it up and gave notice at my old job and started work on TurnKey part time almost straight away (I had a few lose ends to tidy up before leaving my old job). So here I am, the latest TurnKey Linux developer (in the loosest sense of the term); joining forces with the dynamic duo that is Alon and Liraz!

So what does it all mean for TurnKey?

So what will this mean for TurnKey Linux? Well from the outside, probably not a lot really. I will still be posting on the forums and on GitHub but I will be doing other (more behind the scenes) stuff too! :D

One of the most important roles will be to talk with people from other organisations, like hosting providers (to encourage them to partner with TurnKey Linux and host TurnKey appliances on their cloud/VPS platform) and to start some of the discussions with upstream developers; especially Debian (to seek to contribute TKL code back upstream and develop ideas such as upstream usage of TKLDev).

I will also be taking up the 'level one support' role. So chances are if you contact TKL Support email it will probably be me politely suggesting that you post in our forums :D (unless of course it is the sort of question that should be handled via email...).

Also I will be pondering questions about the community (with Alon and Liraz) regarding such things as how to build a better, bigger but sustainable TurnKey library, if and how to build in financial rewards and other such exciting ideas!

Most of all though, my role will be to make sure that any important TKL business (whether from community members, hosting providers, upstream developers, general users or anyone else really) gets taken care of and that Alon and Liraz are up to speed with what is happening without needing to take too much time out from development. Hopefully this will mean that the core devs do more core deving but also issues that I don't know how to answer can get their attention quicker!

So let the fun begin...! :D


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Thanks Basil! :)
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Liraz and Alon have obviously worked for years together and built up a rapport and trust. It isn't easy to expand a business or a community. You want to know you're bringing in people that have passion, commitment and a sense of honour.

There is no question that they have found that in you and I think the Turnkey Linux community is better for it.

Well done to you for your keen commitment and well done to Alon and Liraz for recognising it and taking the leap of faith in bringing you on board full time.

We all expect big pressure :-)


Tim (Managing Director - OnePressTech)

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And of course no pressure...! :)

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Good to see that TurnKey has reached the point where it can start growing.

Best Wishes

Information is free, knowledge is acquired, but wisdom is earned.

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I have been using TKL for a very long time (first 3rd party appliance if I recall), and I remember you being here since pretty much the beginning. I watched TKL grow over the years and you were always right there with them. They found themselves a great asset. Congrats on the promotion! Very well earned.

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Congratulations Jeremy! 

I somehow was thinking this was in the works though it seems my checking into the website has fits and starts.

You are a great asset to TKL and always have been!

Hopefully we can help!


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Thanks for your warm sentiments John, Stas and Landis.

And thanks to all of you too; for your contributions to TurnKey! It wouldn't be the great product it is without each and every contribution! :)


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