How to create new sftp user with access to /var/www

In what appears to be the new way I do things (i.e. here and here), following a question from TurnKey Hub user Rob, I'm posting this "tutorial" as a blog post.

Install newer (or latest) PostgreSQL on TurnKey

PostgreSQL logo

TurnKey Hub user Vishal recently asked about installing PostgreSQL v14+ on TurnKey. He noted that he was interested in Postgres 14 or higher because of the new IVM extension (incrementally updating materialized views). I started answering his support request, but then thought I might as well post this on the blog as perhaps it provides value for others?!

Firstly, some context and background...

Hacking on Debian packages - the quick and dirty way

TurnKey user Ed Carp was recently trying to install TKLBAM on Linux Mint 20.3/Una (which is based on Ubuntu 20.04/Focal). Despite my best efforts, he kept hitting issue after issue.

Upcoming TurnKey v17.0/Bullseye apt repo changes - Bullseye users may need to manually clear caches

If you are using either of the v17.0rc1 appliances or any TurnKey Linux appliance with a Debian Bullseye/11 base OS, please be sure to clear your apt caches - after I push the infrastructure updates. Check the first line of this post to see whether the updates have been applied yet or not.

Note: Previous and existing TurnKey Linux stable releases are not affected!

If you experience any issues which you think may be related to these updates; please let us know, giving as much detail as possible.