TurnKey Linux Virtual Appliance Library

v14.0 Optimized Builds - Part 2: Containers

Proxmox, OpenNode & Docker

Following close behind the Optimized Builds Part 1 announcement, I am happy to present Part 2: Container builds. Part 2 includes optimized container builds for:

  • ProxmoxVE (PVE) - Debian based open source hypervisor
  • OpenNode - CentOS based open source hypervisor; and
  • Docker - open source container hosting tool.
  • TurnKey Core 12.0 RC optimized builds

    Last month we announced the release candidate for TurnKey Core 12.0 - the common base for all appliances, based on the rock solid Debian Squeeze (6.0.4).

    Announcing TurnKey OpenVZ optimized builds (+ Proxmox VE channel)

    OpenVZ and Proxmox VE has been a recurring topic of discussion on the forums, for which we have Jeremy to blame thank. He's done tons of research, testing, preaching, and then some.

    What I love about Open Source is that if you have an itch, and the drive to scratch it yourself, you can.