Core & TKLDev v17.0 Stable Release & "preliminary" RPi3/4 builds

2022-05-17 Update: All affected appliances have now been bugfixed and rebuilt as v17.1. The v17.x release will continue, with all new appliances to be released as v17.1.

Upcoming TurnKey v17.0/Bullseye apt repo changes - Bullseye users may need to manually clear caches

If you are using either of the v17.0rc1 appliances or any TurnKey Linux appliance with a Debian Bullseye/11 base OS, please be sure to clear your apt caches - after I push the infrastructure updates. Check the first line of this post to see whether the updates have been applied yet or not.

Note: Previous and existing TurnKey Linux stable releases are not affected!

If you experience any issues which you think may be related to these updates; please let us know, giving as much detail as possible.

Core & TKLDev v17.0 Release Candidates - ready for battletesting

Update 2022-04-13: Please see the v17.0 stable release announcement for details about the stable v17.0 Core & TKLDev releases.

Drum roll please... I'm proud to announce the pre-release of the shiny new major version of TurnKey GNU/Linux. The first v17.0 Release Candidates of Core and TKLDev are ready for download, inspection and open for feedback..


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