Mibew Security updated v16.1 appliance - includes Mibew v3.2.7

In case you missed it, earlier this month, Mibew released an update that include "many security updates". So we have deprecated all previous versions and now provided an updated v16.1 appliance that includes the latest Mibew v3.2.7.

New users should only use this new v16.1 appliance - available for download from the Mibew appliance page.

Existing Mibew appliance users can either update their Mibew version by following the instructions within the "Upgrade" section of the Mibew "Install/Upgrade" docs. Alternatively, you should be able to use TKLBAM to migrate your data from your existing instance to a new instance. Please note that if you are migrating from a previous major version, you are probably best to do a "staged" migration. I.e. break up the restore into steps; download the backup data first, then restore the mibew database and files individually.

If you need a hand and/or more details regarding data migration and/or upgrade, please open a new support thread in our forums (please ensure that you are logged in with your free website user account before following that link). Feel free to post any other feedback below.


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