v15.x - 12 Updated Appliances, plus New OpenCart Appliance

Bugfixes and Updates

There are 13 12 Appliances that have recently been updated, and one new appliance; OpenCart.

Some appliances include security related updates, some include bugfixes, some include both.

New Appliance

opencart appliance icon TurnKey OpenCart appliance is a new addition to the library. OpenCart is an easy to-use, powerful, Open Source online store management program that can manage multiple online stores from a single back-end. Administrative area simply by filling in forms and clicking "Save".

Bugfixed and Updated Appliances

canvas appliance icon
v15.2 Canvas - Update Yarn GPG (keys have been rotated), implement log rotation script, plus updated to latest upstream source code.

dokuwiki appliance icon
v15.1 Dokuwiki - Tidy up unrequired install files, include upgrade plugin by default (makes upgrading easier).

drupal7 appliance icon
v15.3 Drupal7 - Update Drupal7 to v7.63.

drupal7 appliance icon
v15.4 Drupal8 - Update Drupal8 to v8.6.7 (temporarily unavailable due to SA-CORE-2019-003).

jenkins appliance icon
v15.4 Jenkins - Update Jenkins to v2.150.2, remove broken TurnKey credit footer (to be reimplemented at some future date by an alternate method).

joomla3 appliance icon
v15.3 Joomla3 - Update Joomla to v3.9.2 (note that there have been minor security updates since then, so I'll do another update shortly), fixed outdated appliance URL on landing page.

magento appliance icon
v15.2 Magento - Update Magento to v2.2.7, reduce inithook text on a few pages to eliminate firstboot issues when SSH window too small.

mattermost appliance icon
v15.2 Mattermost - Update Mattermost to v5.7.0.

mayan-edms appliance icon
v15.1 Mayan-EDMS - Update Mayan-EDMS to v3.1.9, improve default upload filesize (now 50MB) and timeout (now 30 seconds).

openvpn appliance icon
v15.1 OpenVPN™ - Extend default CRL expiry to 3 years, update openvpn-addclient script to include 'remote-cert-tls server' (default) and 'auth-nocache' (optional - included via '--no-authcache' switch).

phplist appliance icon
v15.2 PHPList - Updated PHPList to v3.3.7, bugfixes to improve plugin functionality OOTB, CKEditor plugin now works, other buxfixes/improvements.

processmaker appliance icon
v15.2 ProcessMaker - Updated ProcessMaker to v3.3.3.

roundup appliance icon
v15.2 Roundup - Inithook bugfix; pass $APP_DOMAIN to inithook.

More Updates in the Pipeline

We have some other updates in the pipeline too. Beyond anther round of bugfixes and updates, we have a couple of larger transitions.

One of the major ones is transitioning our GitLab appliance to use the Omnibus package. If you'd like to follow the progress, please see the forum thread. As noted there, once we have it all sorted out, we will document the important parts, such as TKLBAM and how existing users can migrate to the new appliance. We believe that the Omnibus installed GitLab will be much easier for end users to maintain, as well as us. Win-win! :)

Another update on the cards is the MediaServer appliance. Unfortunately, Emby (the media browser we previously included) has changed the licensing on some components. As it is no longer "fully" open source software, we will need to swap it out with an alternative. We've decided to go with Jellyfin (yeah bit of a weird name I know...). Jellyfin is a "fully free/open source" fork of Emby, so the experience should be pretty similar.

Share your Feedback

As per always, we love to hear from TurnKey users, on what they like, what they hate and what they couldn't care less about...! :) We particularly love constructive criticism and bug reports - both because they allow us to make TurnKey better! So please feel free to post comments on these updates below. If you need support, or would like to discuss other matters, please post in the forums or if you find a bug, or have a feature request, please open an issue on our issue tracker.


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This is great approach

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Thank you. We tend to operate using Jenkins, so it's nice to have every possible fix and update. We haven't had any problems so far, but with software you never truly know when they will suddenly just give up on you and stop working. We really appreciate the fixes and the information.

All the best.


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