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Chances are if you're reading this, you have applied for a TurnKey website user account.

Considering that 95% of all signups are spammers and/or seo farmers, plus the hammering the site has got from spammers earlier in the year, blocking auto signups was probably overdue. However, it can be really hard to tell the difference between a potential spammer and a legitimate user. So I'm almost certain that I delete legitimate accounts when I cleanup the obvious spammer ones.

So this thread has 2 main purposes:

  1. A place where prospective users, waiting for account approval, can introduce themselves, share a little about what they are using TurnKey for and demonstrate that they are a legitimate human; and
  2. A place where TurnKey users who are looking for support can post their question(s)/issue(s) while they are awaiting account approval.

Intro post

The first is pretty self explanatory, but I anticipate that spammers and seo farmers will want to try to game the system and will likely post friendly messages in the hope that they will convince me. So if you fit into this category, please be sure to mention specifically which appliance you are running (or plan to run) and on what platform. Also if you can give some context to your username and/or email, that might help me too. I'm not going to go into what sort of things I use to tell the difference (because spammers will adapt their behaviors) but I'm hoping that this will give some solid hints for legit users, but won't get read by too many spammers. One thing I can say is that the more detail you share, the harder it is to "fake" it, the more specific you can be, the less likely you are to be a spammer.

Guest support post

For the second category, please be sure to include lots of info. The reason for that is two-fold. Firstly, so I can tell you're not faking it to try to get your spam account enabled. Secondly, so that we can provide a useful response (rather than just asking you more questions). Definitely include the specific TurnKey appliance and version that you are using (and/or the output of 'turnkey-version'), plus details of the problem you are experiencing or thing you are trying to do but need advice on. Please provide as much info as possible.

Final words

If you're still reading, I'm almost certain that you aren't a spammer. Please post a new post below (as a guest). In the provided space for email address (which won't be publicly visible), please be sure to include the same email as you used for your account signup. Please note that your post may need to be manually reviewed before it is public visible.

Note too that support type posts will be moved. Other posts might be cleaned up from time to time too, so please don't be put off if there are no posts below.


Hello!  I just started using the TurnKey Linux containers in PVE, the wordpress one, and i am planning on use a lot of them if my account is approved. I want to try a little bit first, but my final goal is to pay a subscription and use all the advantages that Turnkey provides. 

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Hi Carlos, welcome to TurnKey.

I've enabled your website account, so please feel free to post on our forums if you have any questions, concerns or feedback for us. We provide "best effort" support via our forums and I will aim to respond ASAP, although that may be a few days.

If you'd like to sign up to our SaaS platform called the TurnKey Hub, that is a separate process (the user databases are separate). On signup, you get a free 14 day trial of our 2 most popular plans and if you have any Hub specific concerns and questions, please reach out via the built in support (blue icon at the bottom of each page). The expected Hub support response timeframe is within one work day. Although please be aware that sign up over there isn't neccessary to run a local server.

Good luck! :)

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My name is Daniel. I am learning to use proxmox on my own and I have discovered your magnificent TurnKey proposal.

I await your authorization to be part of this community.

Thank you so much

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Hi Danial, welcome aboard! Thanks for your kind words.

I've enabled your website account, so please feel free to post on our forums if you have any questions, concerns or feedback for us. Also, we provide free "best effort" support via our forums and I will aim to respond ASAP, although that may be a few days.

Hopefully see you about on the forums.

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i just registered trying to use mine os with proxmox.thanks

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I've enabled your account, but please note that Mine OS isn't an official TurnKey image.

That doesn't mean that you can't or shouldn't use it, but the support we can offer is limited.

FYI we also have a(n official) GameServer appliance which has support for installing Minecraft server, plus many other game servers.

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Hi, I'm Tim. Found out about TurnKeyLinux whilst running ProxMox in a home lab.

Please authorize my account so I can use some of the templates!

Thanks :)

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Hi TIm, I have now enabled your account. So please feel free to create a new post on our forums.

If you want to use our built in backup and data migration tool; TKLBAM then you'll need to sign up to our SaaS product - the TurnKey Hub. That needs to be done separately as the user databases are separate.

Either way, please note that registration (here &/or the Hub) is not required to use our templates.

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I just joined Turnkey today and I want to be part of the community and gain and share knowledge from your forums. I want to test wordpress primarily but also seen many others stuffs that are really interesting.  I am waiting patiently for your approval. Thank you in advance !

Regards, Michael

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Hi Michael, welcome to TurnKey. I've enabled your account, so please feel free to post in our forums. Please share any issues, questions and/or feedback you have for us. I'd love to hear how you're going and if you have issues, I'll give you free "best effort" support and if it's a bug in our setup or something we could improve, I'll open an issue so we can address it in a future release.

If you like TurnKey and continue to use it, please consider supporting us via our SaaS platform, the TurnKey Hub.

Hopefully catch you around. :)

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New home lab user, getting into Linux as a hobby 


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Welcome to TurnKey. I've enabled your account, so please feel free to post in our forums. Please share any issues, questions and/or feedback you have for us.

I'd love to hear how you're going and if you have issues, I'll give you free "best effort" support. If it's a bug in our setup or something we could improve, I'll open an issue so we can address it in a future release.

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Hi, I'm testing Turnkey on a Proxmox server, seams great for now. I will try Linetime and GameServer first, and then other applications.

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Hi Jean-Louis. Welcome to TurnKey/ I've enabled your website user account, so please feel free to open a new thread in our forums if you have issues, questions or feedback.

FYI we just published updated versions of both Gameserver (v18.0) and Leantime (v18.1) yesterday. The Gameserver update is a major OS version update and the game scripts. The Leantime release is just an update of Leantime itself and the most up to OS date packages (that you could install yourself with 'apt update && apt upgrade'). FYI I haven't yet updated the website (for ISO downloads) but the PVE Templates section (in the web UI) should already show them. If not, then you can manually force the list to update. I'm note sure how to do that via the Proxmox web UI, but IIRC from the CLI this should do it:

pveam update

Good luck with it all, and please feel free to post back with how you go and what you think. Although a new thread is probably the best place to do that.

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I have been running some containers on my Pi for a while already. Now I just bought a ThinClient for my home lab and installed Proxmox on it to try out if I like it better than manually taking care of all the low-level sysadmin stuff. In Proxmox I saw the turnkey templates and it made my curious. I am still waiting for a bigger disk (only have 16Gb which is really limiting), but as soon as I have one I want to try and migrate my Nextcloud and maybe some image galleries for family as well - have not yet checked if turnkey offers immich

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Hi there. I'm always interested to hear how people go, especially if you hav any problems or questions, but positive feedback is nice too! :)

I've approved your website user account, so please feel free to start a new thread in the forums.

Re image gallery, we do have a "Gallery" appliance, although the software is quite old. It has been updated to run in modern PHP, but not the look of it. It looks a bit old school.... Please try it out though and see what you think.

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Hi there,

New homelab experimenter starting to learn about LXCs and networking.  Already playing with Turnkey wireguard and a couple of other things and would like to be able to get the API key for back-up and access the forums etc.  Appreciate you are busy and there is no rush.

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Hi Simon, glad to have you here! :)

I've enabled your website user account, which you can use to post on the forums (without waiting for me to approve your posts). We welcome posting about any issues, questions or feedback of any sort.

To get an API key and try the remote encrypted backups, you'll need to sign up to the TurnKey Hub (the user databases are separate). If you have any problems or questions specifically to the Hub, please hit me up via Hub support (blue icon in the bottom left). You could post in the forums too/instead if you want, but you'll get a quicker response via support (I prioritize that).

Hopefully catch you around.

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Support for installing npm packages globally more securely without root or sudo:

su node
npm install -g package

The documentation for the node.js appliance states npm packages can be globally installed without root/sudo, however when trying to execute the above command as the 'node' user, I get 'EACCES: permission denied'. The '/usr/local/lib/node_modules' directory appears to be owned by root. How therefore should I execute 'npm install -g ...' other than as the root user, which seems to go against the purpose of using '-g' ?

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Hi Tom, thanks for reporting!

Sounds like there's something not quite right with our NodeJS app then! As you note, it's actually stated on the NodeJS page that the command you used should work as you expected - but obviously doesn't!

TBH I'm not sure what has happened there as the guide that is on the appliance page is clearly not how it's set up!?

I'll have to have to look into what happened there and fix it so it does work as expected - it certainly should do what it says on the tin!

I've put an issue on our issue tracker so it doesn't get forgotten.

In the meantime as a workaround, you could try the below. It's essentially what is in that guide that is linked, but with some tweaks:/p>

su node
mkdir "${HOME}/.npm-packages"
npm config set prefix "${HOME}/.npm-packages"
cat > "${HOME}/.bashrc.d/node" 

I've also cross posted it to the issue as well. That should work. Please let me know if it doesn't and I'll try again.

PS I've deleted your double post. All good! :)

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Hi there

I have a home server and am experimenting with turnkey linux to deploy gitlab+ gitlab runner to facilitate the creation & configuration of virtual machines using proxmox.

My primary intent is to join this forum and reach out with specific questions related to the gitlab turnkey linux implementation; and to get guidnace on some of the problems I am encountering.

Like others I am running a proxmox machine and have found Turnkey to be very useful. I am encountering some issues with gitlab runner configuration (500 error at /admin/runners page in gui) and would like to share my issues

Jeremy Davis's picture

Hi Sam, welcome to TurnKey. Sorry I've been a bit slow approving your account. You're now approved, so please feel free to post in our forums if you have issues, questions and/or feedback.

As you can see, I've added the content from your second post here too. As a general rule, it's best to start a new thread, unless your question/issue directly relates to an existing thread that matches your concern.

And it turns out that re your GitLab question/problem, you are not alone :(

It does sound like your issue is not quire the same, but I suspect that it may be related. Adding your experiences over there would still be of value regardless and may assist us to narrow it down and work out what is going on. So please feel free to add your voice over there. Unfortunately I haven't been able to reproduce the issue others have reported, but it sounds like your issue is slightly different. Hopefully we can work out what is going on soon...

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Hi, today I used your container on Proxmox for the first time and I wanted to subscribe to your site.
Jeremy Davis's picture

Your website account is approved, so please feel free to post in our forums if you have questions, problems or feedback for us - good or bad.

Hopefully see you around.

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Saludos desde México. Mi nombre es Alfredo Uranga, soy periodista de profesión y actualmente diseñador de páginas web, como la que pongo de referencia:

Soy chihuahuenseneto_2020056

En los últimos años diseñó dos juegos de mesa que se imprimen en cinco idiomas: inglés, español, francés, italiano y portugués,... Intenté por un año venderlos en Marketplace enviando mensajes a Europa, Canadá, Estados Unidos, y bueno. .. 

Luego aprendí a diseñar app, aplicaciones para teléfono celular, durante un año diseñé 140 plantillas, para que al final comprendiera que el sistema que utilizaba no soportaba la carga de usar videoconferencia en vivo, streaming, por tanto este año emigré a wordpress (sistema que ya utilizo hace años) pero ahora con la intención de traducir esos 140 diseños a tres páginas web, para desarrollar tres proyectos originales míos. 

He recorrido un largo camino para llegar con ustedes. Busco poder trabajar en libertad, con WordPress, pero sin tener conexión a hosting, ni obligado a pagar cuotas a nadie, sino que pueda yo desarrollar mis diseños de forma libre e independiente, para luego al final subirlos a la web. 

Espero que me autorice pronto este sistema, porque tengo una semana buscando programas que me ayuden a descargar wp sin tanto problema. Gracias, un abrazo, Alfredo Uranga.

Greetings from Mexico. My name is Alfredo Uranga, I am a journalist by profession and currently a web page designer, like the one I put as a reference:

I am chihuahuenseneto_2020056

In recent years I have designed two board games that are printed in five languages: English, Spanish , French, Italian and Portuguese,... I tried for a year to sell them on Marketplace by sending messages to Europe, Canada, the United States, and well. ..

Then I learned to design apps, cell phone applications, for a year I designed 140 templates, so that in the end I understood that the system I was using did not support the burden of using live video conferencing, streaming, so this year I migrated to wordpress ( system that I have been using for years) but now with the intention of translating those 140 designs into three web pages, to develop three of my original projects.

I have come a long way to reach you. I am looking to be able to work freely, with WordPress, but without having a connection to hosting, nor forced to pay fees to anyone, but rather I can develop my designs freely and independently, and then ultimately upload them to the web.

I hope this system authorizes me soon, because I have been looking for programs for a week that will help me download WP without so much problem.

Thank you, a hug, Alfredo Uranga.

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Hi and welcome to TurnKey.

I have approved your account, so you can now post in our forums if you need a hand with anything or have any questions for us.

I don't speak Spanish, so as you've probably noticed, underneath your post I added a Google translation into English.

I'll translate mine back into English here to. I hope it makes sense!

Take care and good luck with it all! :)


Hola y bienvenido a TurnKey.

He aprobado tu cuenta, por lo que ahora puedes publicar en nuestros foros si necesitas ayuda con algo o tienes alguna pregunta para nosotros.

No hablo español, así que debajo de tu publicación agregué una traducción de Google al inglés.

Traduciré el mío al inglés aquí para. ¡Espero que tenga sentido!

¡Cuídate y mucha suerte con todo! :)

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Looking for a simple VPN VM image which you seem to have.  Am downloading v18 now.

Is it free? If so can we donate to the cause?  Alternatively I'm likely to go with an OPNsense version but going to spin yours up now.

Cheers John


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Hi John, welcome to TurnKey. I've approved your account, so you can now post in our forums if you have any questions or problems.

We have 2 VPN appliances: OpenVPN and Wireguard. OpenVPN has been the industry standard open source VPN software for many years. Wireguard is a newer open source VPN that has gained popularity very quickly.

If you are familiar with OpenVPN, then that is likely your best bet. And/or if you've already got OpenVPN set up and working for your purposes, then you may as well stick with that as there's absolutely nothing wrong with OpenVPN.

Having said that, if you're not attached to which specific VPN software you use, I'd be inclined to recommend Wireguard. It is baked into the Linux kernel and leverages the kernel networking stack directly. So it should be significantly lighter on resources and have better performance.

Our VPN appliances (and all of our "software appliances") are based on Debian Linux, with some additional custom tools and software - built and/or provided by us and preinstalled. They include only open source software. If you are happy to self host, then they are free, both in the context of freedom (open source) and free in the context of cost.

FYI we have a wide variety of other web apps too. So if you're after any other apps, please feel free to download any of them too. All our "software appliances" are primarily intended to be run as VMs but can installed to bare metal too. Although TBH, the hardware support isn't that great (we hope to improve that in our next major release). If you don't already have a VM host, and your hardware is 64 bit, then I'd highly recommend Proxmox VE.

We don't specifically have facility for donations, but we do have a subscription SaaS - called the TurnKey Hub you may be interested in? That is our primary source of revenue and supports our developers and generally keeps the lights on. :)

The paid Hub plans come bundled with support and it provides both Cloud Servers and/or remote, encrypted Backups. The backups integrates with our built-in custom preinstalled backup tool, called TKLBAM (TurnKey Linux Backup And Migration).

The 2 main services provided by the Hub complement one another, but can be used separately. If you're planning to only use a local server, then the Cloud Servers won't be of any value, but the Backups may still be.

Note that the Hub requires an AWS account, because the services are backed by AWS. The servers run on EC2 and the encrypted backups (encrypted on your server, before upload) are stored in AWS S3. If you decide to use that, and have any problems or further

I've never used OPNsense but I have heard many good things about it. I'm pretty sure that it's based on Open BSD. AFAIK, it is much more than a VPN and is designed as a full network gateway, firewall and VPN. Whilst both of our VPN appliances have a firewall built-in too, they are not as full featured as OPNsense if that's what you're after.

Apologies for the essay but I hope it helps. Good luck with it all.

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Hello, I wanted to subscribe to your site as I utilized your container on Proxmox for the first time.

Jeremy Davis's picture

Welcome. Your website account has been approved and you can now post in our forums. Please do so if you need server support, have questions or want to share some feedback (good or bad - we love it all!).

If you are after an API key, you'll need to sign up to our SaaS product; the TurnKey Hub. The Hub provides 2 primary services, which can be used together, or independently. As you're self hosting, the one most relevant one will be our remote, encrypted, backups. This integrates with our built-in custom backup app, TKLBAM and stores your encrypted backups in AWS S3. We also offer "premium" support there.

While the Hub is not compulsory, it's our main source of revenue and keeps the lights on and our servers running and maintained. So if you find TurnKey useful and can afford it, it'd be great if you could support us.

If you check out the Hub, feel free to ask questions of give feedback via the built in chat tool (icon towards the bottom left). If I'm online I'll reply immediately, otherwise ASAP - within one work day.

Catch you round hopefully.

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Hopefully I'm following instructions correctly for a new account createion/support request.

Just looking for some support/advice. Working on setting up the LE certs via confconsole. My name host is nsone however they only host one of my subdomains. The scripts appear to be calling, rather than my subdomain resulting in a 404 error.

Jeremy Davis's picture

Yep, you are spot on! And your account is approved. :)

I've cross posted your question/issue over on our forums. I've responded over there with a request for more info.

Kevin's picture

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Hi Kevin, please give me some more info so I know you're not a spammer. Check the initial post in this thread for more info. Cheers.

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Good morning.

I am here to participate on turnkey for education porpose. I found some awsome projects to check out, and just do my fist post as it recommandet in the email I became 4 days ago.


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Welcome to TurnKey. Your website account has been enabled. Please feel free to post in our forums if you have any questions, problems or feedback.

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Hey All,

After the VMware buyout, I've decided to move forward with Proxmox as a bare-metal replacement.  In learning and researching Proxmox, I stumbled across Turnkey Linux and can't wait to see give it a try.  Thanks for this awesome project and looking forward to giving it a test!

Jeremy Davis's picture

Please feel free to log into the website and create a new thread on our forums. I'd love to hear any feedback you have, or I can answer questions and give free "best effort" support. I try to respond ASAP, but that can blow out a bit sometimes. Response time depends on my immediate proprieties and my current backlog. TBH though, it's always huge! :)

You can get an API key, by signing up to our SaaS product; the TurnKey Hub. The Hub provides 2 primary services, which can be used together, or independently. As you're self hosting, the one most relevant one will be our remote, encrypted, backups. This links with our pre-installed backup app, TKLBAM and stores your encrypted backups in AWS S3. We also offer "premium" support there.

The Hub is our main source of revenue and keeps the lights on and our servers running. However it's not compulsory and you can skip the API key step on first boot if you wish. But if you can afford it, please consider supporting us. :)

The Hub also offers "premium" support and you can ask questions via the integrated support tool (icon towards the bottom left). I'll reply ASAP; if I'm online immediately, otherwise ASAP - generally within one work day.

Hopefully catch you round.

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Hello, just discovered your amazing selection of images on a Proxmox forum post. Keep up the good works!

Jeremy Davis's picture

Thanks for the kind words! I've just enabled your website account. :)

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Hello Jeremy Davis et. al,

We run TurnkeyLinux 16 WordPress appliance based on Debian Buster which is end -of-life on June 30, 2024, so I've received the torch to keep the fire alive and continue hosting our college website on-prem with the most recent TurnkeyLinux WordPress appliance (18).  I got about 6 weeks to do it but want to be well ahead of the curve because most of those 6 weeks will require rallying content managers and webmasters around the upgrade.   

I've run the turnkey-install-security-updates to opt in to auto security updates but definitely want to be on the mailing list to be kept alert of TurnkeyLinux WordPress appliance 18 security issues to check on and be sure the appliance received all security updates, whether manual or auto via cron.

Thank you! 

Jeremy Davis's picture

Hi there! Welcome to TurnKey. Your website user account has now been enabled. :)

Our custom backup/migration tool; TKLBAM might be of interest to assist with your TurnKey v16.x -> v18.x update/migration? TKLBAM links to the backup component of the TurnKey Hub. TKLBAM data migration means that you can run your old and new servers side-by-side until you are happy.

TKLBAM's main purpose is secure remote backup, but as hinted it can also be used to migrate data from one TurnKey server to another. It will work with any TurnKey server with outgoing internet access - even private LAN servers. While TKLBAM is a "smart backup", please be aware that migrating across 2 major TurnKey/Debian versions using the default TKLBAM config may require some manual tweaks. That can be reduced via TKLBAM advanced usage. That allows limiting restored files.

TKLBAM paid subscriptions include one-on-one support at no extra cost. Contact with Hub support will get a response ASAP - within one work day, but usually quicker. It sounds like you have plenty of local know how, but us doing the migration for you is also an option. Any fees for "hands on" support will also give you a discount on future Hub fees. If you're interested in the Hub etc, then please sign up and ping me via the Hub support to discuss further.

We encourage all TurnKey users to financially support our work, thus TKLBAM is the preferred option and technically the only option we support. Regardless, DIY free "best effort" support is provided via our forums.

If you choose to go DIY, the easiest option is a manual WP data migration. I.e. collect the data from your old server and copy it to a new TKL WordPress server. You'll find plenty of generic info regarding that process online.

As TurnKey is Debian under the hood, another option is to do a Debian "in place" upgrade. Debian don't support skipping version upgrades, so you'd need to upgrade 10/Buster -> 11/Bullseye, then upgrade 11/Bullseye -> 12/Bookwom.

Apologies on the long winded post with a bit of a sales pitch. Hopefully it's useful... :)

Emil's picture

Hello dear Turnkey Team,

I just signed up my new account and wanted to introduce me here.

I use Turnkey for my Homeserver. There I installed a proxmox VE and today I tried to install some Turnkey LXC´s.

So i hope you can activate my Account.

With best wishes


Jeremy Davis's picture

Hi there. Welcome to TurnKey! :) Your website account is now activated.

Please note though that for testing, you can skip the API key step. If you want "one-on-one" support and an API key (and to support us), please sign up to the Hub. For more info see the Hub front page.

You can access free "best effort" support via our forums.

Jeff Son's picture

Hello, I just started to use Turnkeylinux OpenLDAP on the Proxmox.

I found the backup API key, So I glad to use it

Thank you and have a good day

Jeremy Davis's picture

Hi Jeff, welcome to TurnKey.

Good luck with it all and please feel free to open a new thread in the forums if you have any general TurnKey questions, issues or feedback.

If you have Hub specific questions, best to use the Hub support. You'll almost certainly get a quicker response.

tenawan's picture

Hello! I am not spam. Please approve my account.Thankyou.

Jeremy Davis's picture

I've enabled your account. See you around on the forums sometime hopefully. :)

tenawan's picture

Hi! I am waiting for account approval. Thankyou.  
Jeremy Davis's picture

I had already approved your account?! Are you not able to log in?

Hang Nguyen's picture

I am looking forward for approval.
Jeremy Davis's picture

Your account is now approved.

Sams3595's picture

Hi, I am new here. Have issues with all oy turnkey fileservers with 

Please initialize this system...

Welcome to TurnKey! You need to initialize this system first before you can use it. To do that you'll need to log into the root account via SSH. The turnkey-init initialization program should start automatically:

I have done this 100's of time, but keeps showing me this.

I have confirmed
this command returns false.


Jeremy Davis's picture

If you have completed the first boot questions and it has RUN_FIRSTBOOT set to false, then I don't understand how it could be starting every boot?

Could you please tell which appliance and version of TurnKey your server is? If you're not sure, give me the output of:


Also please also give me the output of:

apt update
apt policy inithooks

Also the output of this:

journalctl -t inithooks

Please also share what platform your server is running on.

Sams3595's picture

Thanks for activating my account. I am using turnkey fileserver on proxmox(latest version). I used proxmox helper script to initially install it( I have three different instances of fileserver and all showing me same error message)

Here are the details, I see when I issue those commands on one of the instance.

root@turnkey-fileserver ~# turnkey-version

root@turnkey-fileserver ~# apt update
apt policy inithooks
Hit:1 bullseye InRelease
Get:2 bullseye-security InRelease [48.4 kB]
Ign:3 bullseye-security InRelease
Ign:4 bullseye InRelease
Hit:5 bullseye-security Release
Hit:7 bullseye Release
Fetched 48.4 kB in 1s (79.2 kB/s)
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree... Done
Reading state information... Done
All packages are up to date.
  Installed: 2.1.1+5+g5073959
  Candidate: 2.1.1+5+g5073959
  Version table:
 *** 2.1.1+5+g5073959 999
        999 bullseye/main amd64 Packages
        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status

Jeremy Davis's picture

I can't see any error in your output? Is there something wrong? Or am I missing something?

FWIW we're currently working on an updated release of the Fileserver. It should be available within the next week or som.

Pat Snyder's picture

Good afternoon.

The e-mail address has been in use for quite a few years. Our ISP used to be called IAMO Telephone Co. Shorthand for Iowa - Missouri Telephone. They are a small local rural phone coop. They have moved on to bigger things of late with an ever growing fiber based infrastructure that has replaced and far exceeded their original telco service area and are now IAMO Communications, including a triple play of voice/data/media services.

As for what I am interested in with TKL, a search for "easiest Linux based file server install" brought me to your file server page. I had never encountered TKL previously, even though I have been working with ProxMox for awhile. Just as I want to gain further capability with PVE, I think access to TKL will be very helpful. It seems the two will work together very nicely.

Thanks for the oppotunity;

Pat Snyder

Amateur service call -- K4PAT

Jeremy Davis's picture

Welcome to TurnKey. Please feel free to have a poke around and if you have any questions, issues or feedback, please feel free to open a thread in the forums.

Re fileserver, have a go at the one that's available, but it's getting a bit tired. We hope to have an improved and newer version available very soon - next week or 2.

njmcdirect's picture

Thank you for approving my account. I am facing a problem editing my personal contact form. When I tried to do so, a message displayed saying: You are not authorized to access this page.

Kindly give assistance in this regard.

Jeremy Davis's picture

It seems that I didn't actually enable your account properly. TBH I'm not sure how I managed that?

Regardless, I've fixed it now. If you log in, you should now be able to edit your profile.

Also apologies on taking so long to publish your post, reply and fix the issue. Somehow I missed your post and it got buried.

Rainer's picture


i want to have a look at Turnkey Linux Containers in Proxmox for Private use.



Jeremy Davis's picture

Hi Rainer. Apologies on my slow response. I've had my head down, running in "dev mode".

I've activated your account, so please feel free to post in our forums.

Rainer's picture

Thanks a lot, so I can learn more about turnkey, linux and stuff!

Louie's picture

Built a home NAS a few months ago with OMV. Put it on an old Dell and it has much more horsepower than it needs. I also have a few RaspberryPI; one with PiHole and one I am going to use for webdev/cm. Got bored and loaded up the KVM add-in. Going to move the rasppi to vm. One thing led to another and here I am. Great discovery.

Mark Harper

Jeremy Davis's picture

Hi Mark, I've approved your account :)

Please be aware that unfortunately, we only have very limited Raspi/ARM support ATM. Most of our library are not yet available in any other architecture than x86_64. We're working on fixing that, but no ETA.

In the meantime, please feel free to post on our forums.

Steven Aranaga's picture

Hello!  Just starting with proxmox and saw the turnkey images - looking to see what they are all about! Starting with your nginx image, and will see after that...


BrMoon's picture

Hey Jeremy, new interested person here. I found Turnkey Linux when setting up Proxmox. I'm interested to learn more about the templates/packages you have created and published. I find Linux and open source software in general to have an overwhelming number of options. I appreciate the packaging of typical use cases.


ssnow's picture

Posting to get access, this is where the Email told me to post.

After sighing up.



Jeremy Davis's picture

Hi there, welcome to TurnKey.

Please feel free to psot in our forums if you have any questions, etc.

nangmuicautruckangnam's picture

Howdy, I just created a new account and am waiting for approval. 

Jeremy Davis's picture

Hi there, welcome to TurnKey.

Please feel free to post in our forums if you have any questions, etc.

Brandon Delehoy's picture

Hi Jeremy & co! I'm running into an issue with confconsole after removing a NIC and would love to start a new thread to provide more details. Thanks!

Jeremy Davis's picture

Hi Brandon, I've enabled your account, so please do start a new thread in the forums with details of your issue. I'll respond ASAP and try to help out.

There is one idiosyncrasy of our forums that like to give you a heads up on. If you want to include screenshots, that's not as easy as it should be and is quite clunky. You have 2 options:

Either attach them to your top post (only the first post in a thread can have attachments) and let me know you've done that. They won't show up publicly once you publish your thread, but I can fix it.

The other option is to upload them to a third party image hosting site and embed them in your post.

Also when you post, let me know where your server is installed. Also please include the output of 'turnkey-version' and 'apt cache confconsole' 'apt list confconsole` in your post. If you are having network issues, then the contents of your interfaces file might also be relevant. I.e. 'cat /etc/network/interfaces'. Ideally if you can copy/paste the text into your post. But screenshots are ok, if that's too much of a PITA.

Chat soon! :)

[update] replace incorrect noted 'apt cache' command, with 'apt list'.

Dave's picture

Hi All,

Looking to join the forum so I can get help creating LXC templates for proxmox using the Turnkey Linux Dev tools.


Jeremy Davis's picture

Hi Dave, welcome to TurnKey.

I've enabled your account. So please go ahead and start a new thread in the forums and I'll do my best to help you out.

Prem Ravindranath's picture

Dear Admin, 

I have just started to discover the importance of using OVF's and after my research a bt I found out that Turnkey is one of the best available open-source contributor to a lot of OVF's. I was a lot of manual installations of virtual guest machine and have found OVF's to be very useful in a scalable deployments.  I created an account and got an email stating that the account activation is done manually after writing a post.  

"Due to high volumes of spam, we have disabled automatic account approval. Your application for an account is currently pending and requires manual approval."


So here I am following the procedure to get my account activated, I come with good amount experience in Linux and one of the technologies which I am passionate about since a very long time.  I love open-source community and hold it in a very high esteem.  As a matter of fact the kind of contribution that open-source is doing is revolutionising the Tech world and proud to be part of GNU and TURNKEY Linux.  For me holding this account will be a matter of pride and of a very significant value.  I look forward to be part of this amazing community.  

Kind Regards,


Jeremy Davis's picture

Hi Prem, I've enabled your account.

Although please be aware that we haven't produced OVFs for some time now. However you can install from the ISO to all virtualization platforms that support OVF.

Prem Ravindranath's picture

Hi Jeremy,

   I am pleased to hear from you!! I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for approving my membership request.  I am glad to be part of this community.  

Kind Regards,


DacoDev's picture


I've deployed a few TKL appliances on my ProxMox hosts over the years but am starting to lean in more to using them as base images in-place deployed with Terraform instead of running a VM with Docker/Compose. Currently I'm running the Media Server app, but am in the process of deploying a few DBs as generic backends for other apps that I'm going to setup like BookStack or other PG/MySQL backed apps.

Jeremy Davis's picture

Hi and welcome to TurnKey.

Please don't hesitate to post in our forums if you hit issues, have suggestions for improvement or anything else TurnKey related. Even if it's just to give us an update on how things are going! :)

Hopefully catch you around.


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