v15.x - Updated apps, plus new Redis appliance

Bugfixes and Updates

We have published a number of updated appliances since my last appliance updates blog post (all the way back in February!?). This post is well overdue and in fact a few of the appliances have been updated multiple times... Please read on about the new Redis appliance. And/or read about the updated appliances and the relevant changes of significance.

All of these appliances are now available to download from their relevant appliance pages (links provided in each entry). They are also available to run in the cloud from the TurnKey Hub and/or for Proxmox within the storage templates section. The most June updates will also be available from AWS Marketplace ASAP; the earlier updates should be available already.

But first an Apology...

Before I move on though, I should first apologise for this tardy update post. Some of these appliance updates are new (only just published) but some listed here were published months ago! :( I've been too focused on getting stuff done behind the scenes and have neglected my duties keeping you all up to date. For that, I'm really sorry.

Moving forward, I aim to try to do a better job balancing development, support and posting here on the blog. I will continue to respond to posts on the forums (including managing the volumes of spam we get), as well as responding to TurnKey Hub support requests in a timely manner. However, I also plan to be more proactive in keeping all of you valuable TurnKey users in the loop on any important developments, what we've been up to, as well as where we plan to head next (please keep an eye out for an upcoming blog post on that).

But without further ado, here's the new/updated appliances:

New Appliance

redis appliance icon TurnKey Redis appliance is a new addition to the library. Redis can be used as a database, cache or message broker. It supports many different data structures. Redis has a range of advanced features. It is generally used in conjunction with other software (especially when used as a DB or cache) but can be set up in a cluster and/or for High Availability (HA) - hence the value of it as a stand-alone appliance.

Bugfixed and Updated Appliances

March 2019

These appliances were updated back in March! My bad... :( Any that were updated within this period, but have had further updates since are included in the relevant section below.

bugzilla appliance icon
v15.2 Bugzilla - Update Bugzilla to v5.06; including upstream bugfixes. Fix intermittent inthooks bug.

elgg appliance icon
v15.2 Elgg - Update Elgg to v2.3.10 and resolve TKLBAM profile bug (include Elgg data directory).

ezplatform appliance icon
v15.2 eZplatform - Updated eZ Platform to latest (at the time) v1.13.x LTS branch release - v1.13.4.1+.

mediaserver appliance icon
v15.1 Mediaserver - Replace Emby with Jellyfin v10.2.2. (Emby is no longer fully open source; Jellyfin is a fully open source fork of Emby).

odoo appliance icon
v15.1 Odoo - Update Odoo to latest (at the time) upstream version of Odoo v11.x from Odoo upstream apt repo - v11.0.20190320. Plus make using alternate DBs clearer to new users.

processmaker appliance icon
v15.3 ProcessMaker - Updated ProcessMaker to latest (at the time) upstream version - v3.3.4.

May 2019

These updates were published last month. Not quite as bad, but still not ideal. Any that were updated within this period, but have had further updates since are included in the next section below.

ansible appliance icon v15.1 Ansible - Switched to Python3 build of Ansible (previous releases were Python2 based) and updated to latest (at the time) upstream version - 2.7.10. Appliance also now includes boto3 by default (AWS python library - python3 version) - as per request.

drupal7 appliance icon
v15.4 Drupal7 - Updated Drupal7 to latest upstream version (at the time) - 7.67 - which resolves numerous Drupal7 security issues. Also implements full UTF8 character encoding support.

drupal8 appliance icon v15.6 Drupal8 - Updated Drupal8 to latest upstream version (at the time) - 8.7.1 - which resolves numerous Drupal8 security issues. Cron job bugfix and additional improvements for better user experience.

lxc appliance icon
v15.1 LXC - Primarily updated documentation and some minor improvements (not all fully implemented as will require additional software updates).

trac appliance icon
v15.1 Trac - Fixed Trac config not adjustable from within the WebUI.

wordpress appliance icon
v15.3 WordPress - Updated WordPress to latest upstream version (at the time) - 5.2. Fixed broken cronjob and updated landing page suggested modules and links.

June 2019

These appliances have been updated over the last few weeks and published this week!

canvas appliance icon
v15.3 Canvas - Install latest Canvas LTS stable (at the time) from upstream git repo. Updated NodeJS to 10.x. Now includes Canvas RCE API service run with Passenger.

foodsoft appliance icon v15.1 Foodsoft - Updated Foodsoft to install from the master branch of upstream git repo (lastest release is getting quite dated and master appears stable). Removed MariaDB install and config workarounds which are no longer required. Adjust inithooks to work around untracked issue causing pollution by the service command output.

ghost appliance icon
v15.3 Ghost - Updated Ghost to latest upstream version - 2.23.2. Fixed Ghost service not running by default on ISO/OVA builds (whoops!).

gitlab appliance icon v15.4 GitLab - GitLab-CE now installed via Omnibus package from GitLab apt repository. Major rewrite of GitLab appliance buildcode finally completed and all issues that have been reported in previous builds (v15.2 & v15.3) have been resolved (including that pesky "500 error" on first login).

joomla3 appliance icon
v15.5 Joomla3 - Updated Joomla to lastest upstream version (at the time) - v3.9.8. Resolves numerous Joomla bugs & security issues.

laravel appliance icon
v15.2 Laravel - Update to latest upstream version of Laravel - 5.8.16. Updated PHP to 7.2 as required by Laravel v5.x (installed via deb.sury.org).

magento appliance icon
v15.4 Magento - Updated Magento to latest upstream version - 2.3.1. Updated PHP to 7.2 as required by Magento v2.3.x (installed via deb.sury.org).

mibew appliance icon
v15.2 Mibew - Updated Mibew to latest upstream release - 3.2.4.

moodle appliance icon
v15.2 Moodle - Updated Moodle to latest upstream release - 3.7. Updated PHP to 7.2 as required by Moodle v3.7 (installed via deb.sury.org).

nextcloud appliance icon v15.2 Nextcloud - Updated Nextcloud to latest upstream version - 16.0.1. Updated PHP to 7.2 as required by Nextcloud 16.x (installed via deb.sury.org). Now includes Redis, preconfigured to work with Nextcloud. Default PHP max memory bumped to 512MB (as recommended by Nextcloud).

openldap appliance icon
v15.1 OpenLDAP - OpenLDAP firstboot initialisation tweaked to resolve intermittent issues, including a LDAP TLS/SSL issue.

owncloud appliance icon
v15.2 ownCloud - Updated PHP to 7.2 as required by newer ownCloud versions (installed via deb.sury.org). Unfortunately, we neglected to update ownCloud itself though :(.

redmine appliance icon v15.2 Redmine - Update to latest stable Redmine - v4.0.3. Removed MariaDB install and config workarounds which are no longer required. Disabled requirement to reset admin password on first login (as the password is set on firstboot).

Feedback Welcome!

As per always, we love to hear from TurnKey users, on what they like, what they hate and what they couldn't care less about...! :) We particularly love constructive criticism and bug reports - because that gives us prompts on how to make TurnKey better! So please feel free to post comments on these updates below.

If you need support, or would like to discuss other matters, please post in the forums or if you find a bug, or have a feature request, please open an issue on our issue tracker.


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