v15.0 Stable Release #4 - final appliance roundup

I'm pleased to announce the 4th and final stage of the v15.0 release. This final instalment consists of 31 new, updated and/or bugfixed appliances. It follows release parts 1, 2 and 3. As per stage 2; it includes the appliances in all available build types. It includes a brand new video hosting appliance; YouPHPTube, as well as bugfix releases of a number of v15.0 appliances (as v15.1/v15.2). It also hails an update to the Hub which makes v15.x appliances the default option when launching new servers. Read on from more info, or jump straight to the links.

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All Build Types Available

As hinted above, stage 4 of v15.0 includes all available builds. I.e. ISO, OVA/VM, OpenStack, Xen, LXC/Proxmox and Docker builds. You can read more about the v15.x changes to these specific builds in previous blog posts, e.g. OVA/VM, OpenStack and Xen, and/or Docker and Proxmox.

Hub and AWS Marketplace

The v15.0 Hub builds are up and the v15.x builds are now the default launch option. Actually, they're the only option and the v14.x builds are no longer available. Most of the AWS Marketplace builds are also up now, the remainder will be coming soon.

New Appliance

YouPHPTube - Your own Tube website

youphptube logo Our shiny new YouPHPTube appliance is another appliance provided by tireless community volunteer MPTMG. YouPHPTube is a PHP based video hosting platform, somewhat modelled after the ever popular "You know who I'm talking about" tube site! :) You too can now create your own video sharing site including streaming live videos, as well as (re)encode videos and/or import videos from other sites. It provides support for mobile devices too, either via responsive site layout, or through a hybrid application installed on your phone.

Bugfixed v15.x Appliances

b2evolution logo
v15.1 b2evolution - fixed missing dependency - #1217.

collabtive logo
v15.1 Collabtive - fixed issues with Admin user rights - #1199.

drupal7 logo
v15.1 Drupal 7 - updated to latest Drupal 7 to address security issues - see related blog post.

drupal8 logo
v15.2 Drupal 8 - updated to latest Drupal 8 to address security issues - see related blog post.

espocrm logo
v15.1 EspoCRM - Fixed missing dependency - php-mbstring - closes #1186; plus updated to latest EspoCRM version.

ghost logo
v15.1 Ghost - Workaround for AWS Marketplace scanner false positive; plus updated to latest Ghost version.

jenkins logo v15.2 Jenkins - updated to address (unexploitable) CVEs in Jetty (bundled with Jenkins). Actually Jenkins has been rebuilt twice in quick succession to address a couple of security issues flagged by AWS. I have it on a good authority from Jenkins devs that they weren't actually exploitable, but best to patch them anyway (and it keeps AWS happy)...

joomla3 logo
v15.1 Joomla 3 - Updated to latest Joomla 3 version (version included in v15.0 appliance had some "low risk" security vulnerabilities).

mattermost logo
v15.1 Mattermost - fixed inithook issues - #1189; plus fixed issues with Confconsole Let's Encrypt plugin (also applies to other appliances - additional notes below). Plus bumped Mattermost version.

mediawiki logo
v15.1 MediaWiki - Fixed redirection bug / added domain setting to inithook - closes #1202, auto redirect to domain - part of #958. Also updated to latest MediaWiki LTS version.

syncthing logo
v15.1 Syncthing - Inithook fixes; fix typo, plus ensure updated settings are applied on low power servers - closes #1222. Also updated to latest Syncthing version.

wordpress logo
v15.1 WordPress - Updated to latest WordPress version (version included in v15.0 appliance has since had a security update).

zurmo logo
v15.1 Zurmo - fixed missing dependency - #1206.

Confconsole Let's Encrypt plugin Bugfix

There was a bug in the Let's Encrypt Confconsole plugin which occurred in appliances using Nginx. Basically the Nginix service was not being recognised, so it would error. That has been resolved and a new package has been pushed to our apt repo. All of these appliances, plus any future builds will include the fix. For existing v15.x users, please run the following to get the latest Confconsole build:

apt-get update && apt-get install confconsole

For v14.x users, unfortunately there is not a fixed package yet available. However, the manual fix is discussed in the forums.

TKLBAM Bugfix (not yet included)

It probably also worth noting that it was recently brought to our attention that there was a bug in TKLBAM on v15.x appliances, where there were a few missing files (see bug reports here and here). The most serious of which is the default cron job (disabled by default, but configured for daily automatic TKLBAM backups). Most likely users will notice an error if they try to enable automated backups from the commandline. We've fixed TKLBAM and repackaged it, but unfortunately the updated package didn't make it into most of these appliances, so currently it affects almost the whole library (a few exceptions are Drupal7, Drupal8, Joomla3 & WordPress). We are considering possibly pushing the bugfix as a "security" update to ensure that TKLBAM works as users expect, but we're not 100% sure of that yet (as technically, it's not a security update). In the meantime, you can get the fixed package via:

apt-get update && apt-get install tklbam

The v15.0 Stage 4 Appliances (including v15.1/v15.2 updates)

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Feedback please!

As per always, we encourage user feedback! So please take them for a spin and let us know how they go. Comment below, open a new thread in the forums (new thread creation requires login), and/or open a new feature request or bug report on our issue tracker (requires free GitHub user account).

Look forward to hearing your feedback! :)

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