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Chances are if you're reading this, you have applied for a TurnKey website user account.

Considering that 95% of all signups are spammers and/or seo farmers, plus the hammering the site has got from spammers earlier in the year, blocking auto signups was probably overdue. However, it can be really hard to tell the difference between a potential spammer and a legitimate user. So I'm almost certain that I delete legitimate accounts when I cleanup the obvious spammer ones.

So this thread has 2 main purposes:

  1. A place where prospective users, waiting for account approval, can introduce themselves, share a little about what they are using TurnKey for and demonstrate that they are a legitimate human; and
  2. A place where TurnKey users who are looking for support can post their question(s)/issue(s) while they are awaiting account approval.

Intro post

The first is pretty self explanatory, but I anticipate that spammers and seo farmers will want to try to game the system and will likely post friendly messages in the hope that they will convince me. So if you fit into this category, please be sure to mention specifically which appliance you are running (or plan to run) and on what platform. Also if you can give some context to your username and/or email, that might help me too. I'm not going to go into what sort of things I use to tell the difference (because spammers will adapt their behaviors) but I'm hoping that this will give some solid hints for legit users, but won't get read by too many spammers. One thing I can say is that the more detail you share, the harder it is to "fake" it, the more specific you can be, the less likely you are to be a spammer.

Guest support post

For the second category, please be sure to include lots of info. The reason for that is two-fold. Firstly, so I can tell you're not faking it to try to get your spam account enabled. Secondly, so that we can provide a useful response (rather than just asking you more questions). Definitely include the specific TurnKey appliance and version that you are using (and/or the output of 'turnkey-version'), plus details of the problem you are experiencing or thing you are trying to do but need advice on. Please provide as much info as possible.

Final words

If you're still reading, I'm almost certain that you aren't a spammer. Please post a new post below (as a guest). In the provided space for email address (which won't be publicly visible), please be sure to include the same email as you used for your account signup. Please note that your post may need to be manually reviewed before it is public visible.

Note too that support type posts will be moved. Other posts might be cleaned up from time to time too, so please don't be put off if there are no posts below.

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Hello, I just started using Turnkey today for a wordpress container in proxmox. Just want to be part of the community and gain knowledge from your forums. Waiting patiently for your approval. Thanks so much and take care!

Regards, UnoGeek


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Thanks for your interest in TurnKey. Welcome aboard. :)

Please do not hesitate to start a new thread if you have any questions, support issues and/or feedback for us.

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Hi there!  

Context for username/email. It's my own domain, for privacy reasons I selfhost my mail server and create a unique one for every service I sign up for. Domain is not yet active since... Well, waiting to fix that with some support :)

I am trying to sign up to get support for the Concrete CMS 5 turnkey container.

I have a separate server running Caddy that handles all traffic proxying and SSL/HTTPS cert generation and what not. The problem I have is that your containers are fantastic and try to do the same thing, which unfortunately causes issues.

How can I disable automatic SSL redirect, certbot, and everything to do with SSL on the turnkey container? 


Running v17.1.1

Thank you in advance!

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By default, our "software appliances" are distributed with a self signed TLS cert (ships with a shared self-signed cert, but a unique one is generated on firstboot). As a complete aside, whilst you're using the LXC container, all our appliances are also available in ISO too (if find yourself wanting a "proper" VM anytime).

Anyway, FYI we don't use certbot. When we integrated Let's Encrypt certs we went with dehydrated instead (smaller footprint and leaks less info). By default, it isn't enabled so it won't actually do anything unless you enable it. If you already have enabled it, simply disable the updates (interactively via confconsole, or remove the cron job).

As for the Apache config, that is entirely up to you. One upon a time reverse proxying via vanilla http was the norm, but these days, it's much less common. That is especially the case with server systems such as TurnKey that are designed to be moved about (e.g. a dev server, then shift to a production server, etc). It's the data is what's important, not the server itself.

Having said that, I completely understand wanting to manage the SSL/TLS termination of the "proper" certs on the central public facing reverse proxy. I'm unfamiliar with Caddy, but personally, I'd be inclined to just explicitly trust the self signed cert (or regenerate a cert with a CA key trusted by Caddy). FWIW I always just use Nginx for a reverse proxy, so I can't give you any specific advice on that, but I'd assume that Caddy would support that sort of configuration?

Actually, I just did a quick google and it looks like Caddy has a self generated/signed CA built in! So if you use that to generate keys for your container, then drop them in /etc/ssl/private/cert.pem & /etc/ssl/private/cert.key respectively (& restart Apache) and you should be good! :)

Regardless, if you do want to push ahead and host only via vanilla http, then edit the Apache conf (/etc/apache2/sites-available/concrete.conf) and remove the http => https redirect on login. I.e. remove these lines (currently 8 & 9) from the http (port 80):

    RewriteEngine on
    RewriteRule ^(.*)/login$ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301]

There is more stuff you could trim out if you wanted, but none of it should get in the way so I'll leave that one with you for now. If you want some pointers, please open a new thread.

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Jeremy, thank you so much for the detailed response! I really appreciate it.

Main reason I want to use Caddy is just so that every service is setup the same way and it's easy to understand. Caddy is basically the same as Nginx in that regard, it's an incredibly easy to use reverse proxy that automatically deals with SSL for you(I believe through certbot using Let's Encrypt).

I think I'll have a look at maybe doing what you said with moving the certs to the server though. I noticed that some things were not great when trying to use Caddy, the sign in form for example was still HTTP, despite the site being HTTPS. Not great!

Will have a shot and if things don't work out I'll open a thread!

Thanks again Jeremy, Have a great day. (P.S. I do not understand the formatting here, sorry it's one big blob of text)

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You're welcome Paul. Good luck with it.

FWIW the lack of formatting was because you weren't logged in. By default the formatting is (mostly) stripped from non-logged in users.

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Hi! I´ve just started using turnkey for proxmox! Could you pleas activate my account? Thanks!!!

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Hi Jose, your account is good to go. You'll just need to reset your password before you can log in.

Please feel free to start a new thread if you have any questions or feedback for us.

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would you approve my account please...

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Your account has been approved.

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Hi Everyone,

i am new here and want to try the turnkey web server container on Proxmox. therefor looking for approval my registration.

could you please approve that?

Thank you and best regards.


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Hi Osman, you are good to go.

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Hey Jeremy! I want to join the TurnKey because it gives me access to a range of pre-configured virtual appliances and server images

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Hi Savanna, you're in...

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I have just created an account with you.
I need it for Nextcloud which I am installing on my Proliant G8.
This is my user name:saiansupa_2001793
saiansupa is also the email.
I don't know what else to write.
Thank you for offering this service.

I hope this is enough for you not to classify me as spam.
Have a nice day.


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Hi Sven. Welcome to TurnKey.

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I have been having difficulty getting a site up and running. Well i get the site right. its the hosting my own personal site i struggle with. I am trying the turnkey vm, because i have a feeling it will be easier to run and set up the hosting. My account is pending but I will patiently wait for a reply.

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Hi Mark, please open a new thread in the support forums. Please share as much info as possible about the problem(s) you are encountering.

Mark sanders's picture

I thought I was to post here for a new account request. The issues I have are from apache2. 
Jeremy Davis's picture

Yep and I've approved your account. Please log in and then start a new support thread detailing the issue(s) you are hitting and I'll post back when I get a chance. Note that the new thread page will only be accessible when you are logged in.

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Another wet and miserable day here on the west coast of Scotland, a perfect day for me to spend some time working on updating the infrastructure instead of being outside in the p*ssing rain!

I'm looking to get my account activated to allow us to use TKLBAM to migrate the config from our old TKL Fileserver to the new instance I've spun up.

We recently ran some vulnerability scanning and were horrified at just how far behind we actually are!

Our old instance is on Debian 10 running webmin 1.970 (turnkey-fileserver-16.1-buster-amd64) and we need to migrate the data and config from there onto the new Debian 11 instance (turnkey-fileserver-17.1-bullseye-amd64).

Hopefully the above is sufficient to allow my account to be activated and I can begin to take part in the community discussion.



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Hi Robert, welcome to TurnKey.

Apologies on my delayed response, I just found this unfinished draft and thought that I better finish it! FWIW it's a wet and rainy here in Tassie (Tasmania, Australia) today too...

To use TKLBAM, you'll need to sign up to the TurnKey Hub. Please be aware that by default you start a 14 day free trial of our most popular paid plans. If you have no desire to run cloud servers, be sure to cancel the free trial for that (by downgrading the server plan to free). If you forget and get charged, please downgrade ASAP and ask via support for a refund.

Also, please be aware, that migration may not "just work", but TKLBAM can still be a very useful tool to transferring data. If you search about the forums, hopefully you might find some examples of partial aka "staged" restores. Please have a read through the TKLBAM doc page. You'll need to start with initialization, run a backup on your old system, then restore to your new system.

Please open a new thread if you have any questions and/or need a hand.

Also, it's worth noting that the Debian OS (10/Buster) of TurnKey v16.x is supported by Debian LTS until mid 2024. Whilst there may be many open CVEs against included software, I would expect all of them to be relatively minor and/or mitigated against by default config. TBH, some of them are ridiculous! Having said that, keeping your servers up to date is definitely a good idea and I highly recommend that you do it. I'm just saying that you probably shouldn't freak out about CVEs until you've actually looked into them (e.g. lots of software can be configured to do dangerous things - that doesn't necessarily mean that it's "vulnerable" or is "insecure").

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Hello everyone! How's life here? 

Jeremy Davis's picture

Hi Darren, your account has been approved.

And I'm going well thanks... :)

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Hi, just messing with MineOS on Turnkey and wanted to check out the integration features. Thanks!

Jeremy Davis's picture

Hi Dave, weclome to TurnKey.

Please note that whilst MineOS is built on top of TurnKey Linux, it's not an official TurnKey Linux appliance provided by us (someone used our tools to make it - which is awesome BTW!). Please feel free to ask questions, but I may not have the answers...

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Just came across Turnkey, while looking for LXC template for a new Proxmox VE installation. Just getting my hands dirty for the first time with containers. Particularly, a Wordpress installation to run my homepage from home.

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Hi and welcome to TurnKey.

If you have any concerns or questions, please don't hesitate to open a new thread (you'll need to be logged in).

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I'm a data scientist and have been a computer nut since the early 80s.

I'm currently setting up the Fileserver container on my Proxmox instance at home.  I'm hoping to replace the Raspberry Pi 4 that has been doing every danged thing (Git server, fileserver, Plex server) with a set of appliances on a HP Elitedesk 800 G3, and make the RPi my new retro game machine.

I've got the Gitea, Gameserver, and Zoneminder container templates on deck for later.

Jeremy Davis's picture

Hi Phillip, welcome to TurnKey!

That sounds like a good plan. If you have any questions and/or feedback/suggestions, please don't hesitate to open a new thread and I'll respond ASAP.

Robert Jae's picture

I have just started using Proxmox and discovered your templates.  I am looking forward to learning more.

Jeremy Davis's picture

Hi Robert, welcome to TurnKey.

Please feel free to open a new thread if/when you have any questions or feedback for us.

Alexandrre's picture

I am looking forward for approval and need to use API key.

Jeremy Davis's picture

Hi Alexandrre, welcome to TurnKey. Your website user account has been approved. You can now post in our forums if you have any questions, concerns or have any feedback or suggestions for us.

To get a Hub API key, you'll need to sign up the the TurnKey Hub (the user databases of the website and the Hub are separate). If you have any problems with that, please don't hesitate to contact support (via the "in app" support system - or via email - i.e. support AT

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I am looking to acquire backups for my turnkey containers on Proxmox.  Thank you in advance for an account?!

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Hi unklecosmo, welcome to TurnKey.

If you want to use TKLBAM (our encrypted, remote backup tool) then you'll need to sign up to the TurnKey Hub.

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Hi there, I just registered because I am encountering an error when trying to set a static IP in 'confconsole' using TurnKeyLinux WireGuard LXC.

Thank you kindly

Jeremy Davis's picture

Hi there Expresso Fan, welcome to TurnKey.

I'm almost certain I know the issue you are referring to. Please have a look at this post.

Andy Dively's picture

Looking to use MineOS for my own server.  Thank you.

Jeremy Davis's picture

Hi Andy, welcome to TurnKey Linux. MineOS is based on TurnKey, but isn't developed or maintained by us. We may still be able to assist, but I can't offer any guarantees.

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Um salve à todos! Não sou um spammer! Best Regards, Mayer.

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Hi and welcome to TurnKey. I've approved your account.

Please feel free to start a new thread if you have any questions and/or feedback for us.

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第二,我提供我的github.com账户,我用随机数字做 用户名,就想匿名。不过现在其中的很多内容已经 暴露身份了。认真找就能找到一些痕迹和线索。

第三,为了方便您阅读,我还用google translate 把这封信翻译成英文。


I want to register an account, follow the registration email to find here. To prove that I'm not a robot, I typed in Chinese. I don't think the robot will use Chinese here. This is the first difference between me and the robot. Second, I provide my account, I use a random number as the username, just want to be anonymous. But now a lot of it has been exposed. If you look carefully, you can find some traces and clues. Third, for your convenience, I also translated this letter into English using Google Translate.

Finally, I registered an account to use the dynamic domain name service, I want to learn and use ipv6, but the telecom provider only assigns me a random network ID number。



Jeremy Davis's picture

No doubt, your submission is a solid one! Doesn't leave me with much doubt about your authenticity. Nice work! :)

Welcome aboard.

it-high's picture


Here is my github main pages:

I forgot the last post!

I am login in Turnkey web now! This is very good!

But I can't find the DDNS service entry, I remember you have this service。



marvdaluz's picture

Sou do Brasil.

Instalei o Gallery e tenho uma pasta compartilhada em outro container proxmox com openmediavaul.  Gostaria de saber como posso carregar esta pasta no Gallery para visualizar minhas fotos.

I am from Brazil.

I installed Gallery and I have a shared folder in another proxmox container with openmediavaul. I would like to know how can I upload this folder to the Gallery to view my photos.

Jeremy Davis's picture

Hi, I only speak English so I used Google to translate your post.

Unfortunately, I'm not particularly familiar with the Gallery software. It is quite old software and did appear to have died out some time ago. However, it has been revived.

I did find a relevant thread on their old forums that might assist? Otherwise, perhaps try asking on their new forums (google group). It might also be worth checking the (old) docs (apparently they are still relevant).

If you do sign up to the new group and post a support thread, please feel free to cross post a link here.

Olá, eu só falo inglês, então usei o Google para traduzir sua postagem.

Infelizmente, não estou particularmente familiarizado com o software Gallery. É um software bastante antigo e parece ter desaparecido há algum tempo. No entanto, foi revivido.

Eu encontrei um tópico relevante em seus fóruns antigos que pode ajudar? Caso contrário, talvez tente perguntar em seus novos fóruns (grupo do Google). Também pode valer a pena verificar os documentos (antigos) (aparentemente eles ainda são relevantes).

Se você se inscrever no novo grupo e postar um tópico de suporte, sinta-se à vontade para postar um link aqui.

Andika Fahrurozi's picture

Hello, I just signing up to Turnkey Linux. I'm actually interesting about Turnkey since they always pop-up on the Proxmox so I want to give it a try. Hopefully this is not considered as a spam. Thank you have a nice day!

Jeremy Davis's picture

Please don't hesitate to start a new thread if you need support and/or have any questions or feedback for us.

Anthony's picture

Im a sys admin who jsut setup his own home lab.
I am looking forward for approval.
Thank you

Jeremy Davis's picture

Please don't hesitate to start a new thread if you have any questions, need support and/or have feedback or feature requests for us.


I am looking for a bitbucket server replacement and I use your GITea appliance for so. I would like to enable Turnkey Backup and Migration and I so need an account.

Thanks by advance and best regards.


Jeremy Davis's picture

Hi Antoine, welcome to TurnKey.

I'm glad to hear that you find the Gitea appliance useful (I do too! :). I've approved your website account, so please feel free to start a new thread if/when you have any support needs, questions and/or feedback for us.

But to access TKLBAM you'll need to sign up for a TurnKey Hub account. If you are happy self hosting and only intend to use Hub Backups, please be sure to cancel the "Cloud Server" free 14 day trial as soon as you've completed signup (to avoid unexpected charges).

Good luck with it all and please don't hesitate to reach out if/when you have questions or feedback.

Robot Unsalted's picture

Hi All,

I have been using Proxmox and as a result using turnkey linux container templates. My experience has been good so far. Unfortunately, I'm quite a novice. I don't understand how I can go to the latest version of the nextcloud turnkey linux. I am usually able to find the answer by researching, but made this account because I am not sure if I will be able to upgrade properly/safely/with the latest instructions.

Jeremy Davis's picture

Welcome to TurnKey.

I've approved your account, so please feel free to open a new forum thread if you have any questions, problems and/or feedback for us.

Regarding your specific question, I think it might be best for us to move to a new thread as I suspect that there will be some back and forth (and better to have that in a new dedicated thread, rather than here in this thread).

Regardless, to give you a start, I'll share some info. Under the hood, TurnKey is Debian. When we create a new release, we start with a minimalist Debian base and pre-install the required software. Where possible, we use software already packaged in Debian - direct from Debian apt repositories. We also provide a few custom tools that we create and maintain ourselves (and distribute via our own custom apt repo). Beyond that, we install other required software via whatever means is required. Where possible, we follow upstream recommendations, so you should generally be able to follow their upgrade instructions.

So if the current TurnKey appliance you are running provides the appropriate dependencies for the newer version of Nextcloud, then you should be able to just upgrade Nextcloud (on your current server). If the current server does not already provide the required dependencies, then either you'll need to use a newer version as your base (and migrate your existing data) or install the required dependencies on your current server.

When it comes time to update your underlying OS, you can either use TKLBAM (or some other data backup and migration tool) to migrate your existing data to a new TurnKey version of the same server. Or you can use a Debian style "in place" upgrade (to upgrade the OS to a newer Debian version). Technically we don't support the latter, but we will always provide "best effort" support for TurnKey users.

So I suggest that you start a new thread detailing which specific TurnKey version you are running (if unsure, run 'turnkey-version') and exactly what end point you'd like to get to and I can give you all the info I have... :)

Robot Unsalted's picture

Hi Jeremy,

I appreciate your detailed response! I will create a new thread and continue this conversation there!


Daniel Fiedler's picture

I'm looking forward getting my user account approved

Jeremy Davis's picture

Hi Daniel, apologies on slow follow up - but welcome to TurnKey.

Please feel free to start a new thread if you have any problems, questions or feedback.

James Seldon's picture

Please approve.  Not spam.  Looking to use Turnkey setups with my Homelab for deploying various VMs for testing.  Sever Hardware is HP DL360 with 128GB of ram and 2x8 Core 3.5GHZ processes.




Jeremy Davis's picture

Welcome to TurnKey James

Your account has been approved, please feel free to start a new thread if you have problems or feedback.

Keujouille's picture

Hello Jeremy,

I 'm (re)configuring my home server from freenas to proxmox.
I use turnkey-core for installing pihole and openvpn.

Later, I would like to use your dyndns option.


Jeremy Davis's picture

Please feel free to start a new thread on our forums if you have any questions, issues and/or feedback or requests for us.

Regarding our dynamic DNS solution, that requires a TurnKey Hub account. Although it's worth being aware, that under the hood, TurnKey is Debian (v17.x = Debian 11/Bullseye; upcoming v18.x = Debian 12/Bookworm) so there are lots of other options to explore if you wish. Not that I'm trying to talk you out of signing up to the Hub (I think it's pretty awesome), but just to make it clear that you're not "locked" into a TurnKey ecosystem - just because you use TurnKey! :)

Wilhelm Mayer's picture


I'm working on my new server at home. The plan is to do it with Proxmox and various TK parts. So please activate my account.


Jeremy Davis's picture

Feel free to post in the forums if you have any questions, concerns, problems, feedback or requests.

Good luck with it all and hopefully catch you around here in the future. :)

vyarmole's picture

Hello I am using Turnkey Linux as a database server for Postgres DB for home usage. HAppy to be connected with community.

Could you please approve my account. Thank you.

Jeremy Davis's picture

Welcome to TurnKey. Please do not hesitate to start a new thread if you have questions, support needs and/or feedback for us.

Joonny's picture


I am a new turnkey user and a relatively new proxmox user. Looking to extend my home/work automation iot network and am interested in testing out some turnkey containers. I do automation at home for fun, and automate the AgTech world for work. Quite interested in the Observium one, but also picked up the media server and wordpress (and core) Love all of the well thought out additions to top off the containers!

Hoping to get approval :)



Jeremy Davis's picture

Welcome to TurnKey. Please feel free to start a new thread if/when you have problems, questions or suggestions.

elbim's picture

Hi there. I'm elbim and tried to test TurnKey templates inside my proxmox environment, when I noticed, that I have to sign up for an account first. Normally I build up my machines by starting with Debian templates and install everything the old fashioned manual way, but for my new Ansible server I wanted to try something other.

Cheers elbim

Jeremy Davis's picture

For what it's worth, you can skip the "Hub API key" step if you wish.

If you do want to sign up to the Hub for remote Backups (and/or Cloud Servers), please sign up to the TurnKey Hub (requires AWS account).

Any Hub related questions, please hit me up via Hub support (generally much faster response than here).

pawantanwar's picture

i have created account and currently waiting for the approval

Jeremy Davis's picture

Your account has been approved. Please open a new thread if you have any questions, problems or feedback for us.

Jake's picture

Hello, I'm new to homelabbing and wanting to use turnkey containers in Proxmox. 
Honestly, I'm not sure which ones I'll want to use regularly. I'm still in the learning phase. 

Jeremy Davis's picture

Welcome to TurnKey. Please feel free to open a new thread if you have any questions or feedback.

Good luck with it all.

clay's picture


I am looking to get turnkey to explore and expand my home lab for personal use.

I will only use the services for the greater good.

Thank you very much!


Jeremy Davis's picture

Hi Clay. your account is approved. Please feel free to open a new thread if/when you have any questions and/or feedback for us.

Clay Moore's picture

Thank you Jeremy. I'm not able to log in.  When I request a password change, I didn't get an email to update my password. Please advise good sir, CLay
clay's picture

Hi Jeremy!

I'm able to login.

Thanks for all your help!


Declan McArdle's picture

Not spam.



Jeremy Davis's picture

To be honest, that's exactly what a spammer would say! :) I'll give you the benefit of the doubt this time though and I've enabled your account.

Please feel free to start a new thread if you have any questions or feedback regarding TurnKey Linux.

ShinobiCat's picture

Just exploring and lurking about, am actually a dogperson.

Jeremy Davis's picture

Hi ShinobiCat the dogperson. Welcome to TurnKey! :)

George Miao's picture

Hi there! First time user here.

Jeremy Davis's picture

Hi George, welcome to TurnKey.

Please feel free to open a new thread if/when you have any questions or feedback.

tosmaniac's picture

Hi, I am working on task management mainly looking at creating an environment linking tasks to graph, coming over from Audit and data protection regulatory framework.

I want a secure environment I can access from anywhere, TKL looks like a great tool to use. I have been through UNRAID, portainer (with Hyper-V VMs) and so on.

Thank you in advance for accepting my account.



Jeremy Davis's picture

Welcome to TurnKey Florent and I hope that our appliances are useful for your plans.

Please do not hesitate to start a new forum thread if/when you have questions, need support and/or have feedback for us.

To get an API key, you'll need to sign up for a (separate) TurnKey Hub account. If you have any Hub specific questions, please use the "in app chat" support (via the bottom right corner) and I'll get back to you ASAP (usual response time for Hub support is within one work day, often quicker). Although it's perhaps worth noting that whilst IMO a Hub account is a good thing (surprise surprise! :) it's optional.

Even if you decide that TurnKey won't work for your use case and you move on to investigate other options, I'd be eternally grateful if you could share the pain points.

Sean Ford's picture

Came here as a new Proxmox user and getting familiar with Linux (again) and virtualization.  Looking forward to learning more about both.

Jeremy Davis's picture

Hi Sean, Welcome to TurnKey.

Please do not hesitate to open a new thread if you have any questions, problems and/or feedback and suggestions for us.

Good luck with it all and thanks for giving TurnKey a go.

Krishna's picture


Please approve my account

Jeremy Davis's picture

Welcome to TurnKey. Please open a new thread if you have any concerns, questions or feedback.

wla's picture

Please approve my account.

Jeremy Davis's picture

You're in! :)

Also, from your email address I'm guessing that you might be interested to know that we have a v18.0 Drupal10 appliance in the pipeline - hopefully should make it into our next batch of v18.0 apps (hopefully within the next week).

J1love's picture


I am a very new user of Proxmox 8 & I'm trying to setup a file server to share with Windows 10 so I can move my movie collection from Windows to Proxmox.  I intend to then setup Plex and run it to serve my household smart TVs.

My issue is that while downloading the Turnkey file server template, Proxmox times out while downloading debian-11-turnkey-fileserver_17.1.1_amd64tar.gz.

I also navigated to the index page using Chrome [in Windows] & tried to download it [the file mentioned above] and got similar results.

Both my Linux server & Windows PC have ample room for the 500Mb file- 2Tbs & the Linux server is empty except for Proxmox.

Please help!!

Jeremy Davis's picture

Apologies for really slow response. It's probably no consolation to you, but I'm currently trying to keep my head down to push out the next major version release ASAP.

TBH, I have no idea why it would be timing out!? Although the default download links are a "round robin", so I suggest retrying. Also, if you haven't already tried, you could go to the mirror directly. If your problems persist, then the only other thing I can suggest is checking one of our other mirrors.

Note that our mirror doesn't use https, so be sure to also download the hash file (you should find it directly below the template that you want) and follow the instructions to verify your download. Proxmox normally does that automatically for you, but if you download manually you'll need to verify yourself. Once you've verified the template is legit, then move it to Proxmox's /var/lib/vz/template/cache/ dir (you can delete the hash file once you've verified it).

I hope that helps. Good luck! :)

Hazard1nc's picture

I'm trying to setup mineos for a turnkey server, but am just testing things for the time being. I want to setup a minecraft server long term eventually. thank you and please approve my request for joining. Thank you either way for the opportunity. - Hazard1nc

Jeremy Davis's picture

Sorry for slow response...

FWIW we do have a Gameserver, which I think (?!?) can install Minecraft. Although regardless of exactly what you do, if you're using TurnKey as a base, please feel free to start a new thread if you have any questions or need a hand with anything. (I can't guarantee a timely response but I'll do my best).

Andreas's picture

Hello, I like to join the community. I am running a homeserver with Proxmox and Truenas VM. Now i want to get some of my apps from Truenas to Proxmox CTs.

Jeremy Davis's picture

Apologies on the slow response, but welcome to TurnKey.

Please do not hesitate to start a new thread if you have any questions, problems, feedback or really anything interesting and at least vaguely TurnKey related.

Sandro's picture


I discovered "turnkey" some time ago but I had never used the various appliances in practice. I finally had the opportunity to try the LAMP appliance which I am studying with great interest. In this regard, I would kindly ask for approval of my account in order to be able to set the TLKBAM and also try this interesting feature. Thank you

Jeremy Davis's picture

Hi Sandro, apologies for slow response.

Your TurnKey website account is approved. However, if you wish to use TKLBAM, you'll want to sign up for a separate TurnKey Hub account. The Hub is our SaaS platform providing both Cloud Servers and remote encrypted Backups. Any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to Hub support (there is an "in app chat" or email support AT Hub support expected response time is within one work day, often quicker.

Helmi's picture

Just created our account, please accept the application 

Jeremy Davis's picture

Approved! :)

(Apologies on delay...)

Stefano's picture

Hello Jeremy,
I'm from Italy and waiting for your approval.

I have asked for registration because I need some support.

In the meantime I'll write my problem here and i hope for support :-D

I'm trying to configure Turnkey File Server for NFS export, i have already configured with success the SAMBA export.

This is my TurnKey version:


All is inside a CT in Proxmox, when i try to configure the NFS export all went well but when i mount the share in a windows machine i can't see all the subfolders although the file system is correctly mounted, below some useful information:
Server Configuration

cat /etc/exports 
# export to all known non-routable (local) networks
/mnt/Mainframe/PVE      (rw)

ls /mnt/Mainframe/PVE
BackupLinux  Dati  Foto  FotoSincronizzate  ScriptLinux  dump  immich-container

df -h /mnt/Mainframe/PVE
Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
dati            3.6T  1.3T  2.3T  36% /mnt/Mainframe/PVE

Client Side:

cat /etc/os-release 
PRETTY_NAME="Debian GNU/Linux 12 (bookworm)"
NAME="Debian GNU/Linux"
VERSION="12 (bookworm)"

df -h /mnt/Mainframe
File system                      Dim. Usati Dispon. Uso% Montato su  3,6T  1,3T    2,3T  36% /mnt/Mainframe

root@pve-debian:/mnt/Mainframe# ls -latr
totale 13
drwxr-xr-x 3 root root 4096 12 set 15.52 ..
drwxrwxrwx 9 root root    9 30 set 20.40 .

CT Config File:

arch: amd64
cores: 2
features: mount=nfs,nesting=1
hostname: mainframe
memory: 4096
mp0: /mnt/Mainframe/PVE,mp=/mnt/Mainframe/PVE
mp1: /dev/disk/by-id/wwn-0x50014ee2aecc3570-part5,mp=/mnt/Mainframe/WD
mp2: /dev/disk/by-partuuid/0e4d027b-16b6-453d-b6f6-2faf9af473fb,mp=/mnt/Mainframe/Toshiba4TB
net0: name=eth0,bridge=vmbr0,hwaddr=B6:79:CB:60:46:E5,ip=dhcp,ip6=dhcp,type=veth
ostype: debian
rootfs: SSD-120:vm-107-disk-0,size=8G
swap: 4096

I hope you could help me.

P.S. With SAMBA everything works fine

Best Regards


Jeremy Davis's picture

Your account is enabled Stefano! And greetings from Australia. :)

Apologies too on my slow response.

Re your NFS issues, my guess is that it's an LXC config issue. AFAIK, it should work, but the config is quite specific. We probably should document it. There is an issue on our issue tracker that discusses it to some degree and there are some that have confirmed that it can work.

If you want it to "just work", then it may be easier to just install the server to a "proper" VM (install with the ISO - downloadable from the relevant appliance page).

Alternatively, please read through that thread on GitHub and hopefully that might give you enough hints to get you over the line. It'd be great to document this better for future users, so please do share anything that you discover. If you do do that, it's probably best to start a new thread - or even post in the docs.

Good luck

Stefano's picture

Thanks a lot Jeremy, i'll create a post on the forum :-D

Plumble's picture

Hi, I've been using Proxmox to build LXC containers for home services for a while but I've decided to give Turnkey a go and see how these containers are.




Jeremy Davis's picture

Hi Plumble, welcome to TurnKey

Hopefully you find something of interest and value. Please do not hesitate to start a new thread if you have any questions, concerns or feedback for us.

Good luck!

Polynikes's picture

Hi there, just installed turnkey on my new proxmox server. Hoping to get a mumble server going for my friends! -Polynikes

Jeremy Davis's picture

Hopefully you've managed to get Mumble working? FYI we're currently working on a new, updated major version release. I'm not sure when an updated Mumble app will be released, but it's on the cards.

In the meantime, please do not hesitate to open a new thread if you have any questions, concerns or feedback.

Salva's picture

Hello, the last October 1, I subscribed to the page, and I am starting to install CT and VM in Proxmox, but in some I need the API Key, and my account is not yet active. Could you activate it? Thank you.

Jeremy Davis's picture

Hi Salva, your TurnKey website account is now active. Please feel free to post a new thread on our forums if you have any questions, concerns or feedback for us.

To get an API key, you'll need to sign up to our SaaS platform, the TurnKey Hub. That process is automated, but does require an AWS account and a credit card. There are free plans available, but by default you'll start a opt-out free 14 day trial of our most popular paid plans.

If you need any support signing up or using the Hub, please feel free to either post in the forums here, or you can hit me up via Hub support (either use the Hub's "in app" chat functionality or email support AT Please note that Hub support is only for initial setup and paying subscribers. Support for Hub free users is via the forums.

Wayne Barahona's picture

I am starting fresh with Proxmox. Google led me here. I am cautiously optimistic about what I am seeing so far!

Jeremy Davis's picture

Hi Wayne, welcome to TurnKey

Hopefully you find something of interest here at TurnKey. Please do not hesitate to start a new thread if you have any questions, concerns or feedback for us.

Good luck.

Vincent Gbewonyo's picture


I've been using several Turnkey Apps, Odoo, Lamp Server, and a few others, but about a month ago, my server crashed. I just got a new server built, and I was trying to log into my account and reinstall the servers with those apps, and I keep getting an error stating my account has been deactivated. Could you please be very kind and help me reactivate my account? The email was associated with my old account. Please.

Jeremy Davis's picture

Hi again Vincent

As discussed elsewhere, your website account is enabled. Please do not hesitate to open a new thread if you have any questions, concerns or feedback.

Mark Wood's picture

When I tried to Login, and then I get this message, "You are not authorized to access this page".

Jeremy Davis's picture

Hi Mark, your account is approved.

Chris Blauvelt's picture

Hello to all the fine members of the turnkey linux forum! I too am not spam, and am eagerly awaiting the opportunity to see what further functionality I can glean from my setup.



Jeremy Davis's picture

Welcome to TurnKey Chris

Please do not hesitate, issues to start a new thread if/when you have any questions, concerns and/or feedback and feature requests for us.

szuszinho's picture


I would like to create a new account, thanks!

Jeremy Davis's picture

Your account is approved. Please do not hesitate to start a new thread with any questions, issues or feedback for us.

David Jones's picture


I am looking to implement a new home lab based around using Proxmox VE 8.0.x and a set of containers, covering LXC, Docker and / or Podman to try and update my IT skills. I am a former IT professional, who came through late 1970's, 1980's and first early 1990's as a develop, application and data designer/ architect, then moved into Business Process Management (BPM) / Reengineering, then on to Enterprise Architecture and back to BPM and Business Architecture.

As I came closer to the end of my career, I am looking to develop and develop online training courses relating to BPM, Process Automation and Enterprise Architecture. To do this, I am wanting to implement A set of "containerized" applications on a home lab to expand my skill set, not only to implement these applications, but potentially add potential skills to add to my proposed training program.

Best regards,


David J

Jeremy Davis's picture

Hi David, welcome to TurnKey

Your account has been approved. Please feel free to open a new thread if you have any questions, concerns and/or feedback and suggestions for us. Hopefully see you about here on the forums.

nods's picture

Hi Everyone,

I've just joined as I'm now using turnkey linux lxc to host some games I play with friends. Figured I would join the community

kind regards,


Jeremy Davis's picture

Hi Nods. Welcome to TurnKey.

If you have any problems or questions, please feel free to open a new thread. We al;so welcome feedback and suggestions.

Curtis Kline's picture

Hello! I am a new Proxmox user and I'd like to have a account. I am planning to use your container templates. This is a home experimentation lab, not a commercial endeavor. I appreciate this forum and the Turnkey Linux team!



Jeremy Davis's picture

Hi Curtis.

Your account has been approved, so please don't hesitate to start a new thread if/when you have any questions, problems and/or feedback for us.

Norbert Skalski's picture

Hi Jeremy,

I'm already utilizing turnkey on proxmox for various LCX containers (wiki, git, ansible, photos, will add more).  I am looking to setup tklbam.  As such, i politely request to be approved for an account.  I really appreciate it.  Sorry about the spammers/scammers hindering progress and innovation. I wanted to post a screen shot of my proxmox system, but i can't do it.
So for more information i am currently running:





I myself am looking to possibly attempt a LXC version of talos linux for kubernetes deploys.

The other items i have running on my proxmox server are said talos k8s cluster in VM's, home assistant for my home automation, opnsense which i am moving to from a ubiquity UDMPRO, as well as several linux VM's and LXC's (Alpine and Fedora)

i will most likely spawn LXC containers for redis and postgres.  I want to do self education about mongo and rabbitmq/kafka, so will most likely attempt LXC container creation for those.  Also looking to possibly create a LXC for pihole, unless one exists but i haven't gotten there yet since I'm still stuck learning opnsense.

Hopefully that is more than enough to prove i am a legitimate user of turnkey with only use and improvement in mind.

Thank you so much for leading this project!

Jeremy Davis's picture

Hi Norbert, welcome to TurnKey

Your website user account has been approved. So please feel free to start a new thread if you have any questions, support needs and/or feedback for us.

Your experience and plans sound really interesting.

If you are interested in developing TurnKey based appliances, then you may be interested in TKLDev - our build tool in a box (it's what we use to develop and build our appliance library). If your end goal is an LXC container, then the process is a little convoluted. That is because by default, it only builds ISOs. We then run the ISO through Buildtasks. We use bt-iso to build the initial ISO and generate the associated metadata, then bt-container builds the LXC container from the ISO.

If you develop anything cool (even if it's not TurnKey based, but especially if it is) please feel free to share (perhaps a thread in "General"?).

Anyway, good luck with it all and hopefully see you about on the forums.

lecafepresse's picture


I am a French user and I use Google translate because I don't know English very well. I mostly understand the technical terms in English but the conversation is more complicated.

I use Turnkey containers in virtualization on Proxmox 8, so as not to have several computers to use at home. I have been self-taught for over 20 years and I like to learn, especially in Linux.

I hope this message will allow my approval.

Jeremy Davis's picture

Hi there, welcome to TurnKey

Your website user account has been approved. Please feel free to post in our forums if you have any questions, concerns or feedback for us.

Jing Luo's picture


I'm using turnkey's openldap lxc on proxmox 8.0.y, maybe gitlab and more later.

I'm also a mirror admin of over 40 distros, and mirroring turnkey of course. I hope my mirror to be listed/registered, but after filling out the web forms twice and sending an email once in august and september, I didn't get any reply, nor is my mirror listed. I hope someone here can help, as there is no mirror in Japan (where I live and where the server is).

Geolocation: Tokyo, Japan
Bandwidth: 10Gbit/s
IPv6: yes

Sync frequency: every 60 min
Upstream: rsync://

You can also reach me at <jing a~t>

Jeremy Davis's picture

Hi Jing, welcome to TurnKey and my deepest apologies that your message(s) in September went unanswered... That's totally on me and I'm really sorry. FWIW I do recall seeing one of those come through (I don't recall 2 though?), and I recall planning to update the mirrors page with your info. Unfortunately, I got sidetracked and never circled back to finishing that up. Too many plates spinning...

Thanks for your persistence! I've now (finally) updated the mirrors page with your mirror now. Thank you for your contributions to open source in general, and TurnKey in particular! :)

Your website user account has been approved, so please feel free to post a new thread if you have any feedback for us, or any questions, etc. FWIW, in future the best way to get my attention (beyond posting in the forums) is via our support email (support AT

Take care and hopefully see you about in the future. :)

ProgDan's picture

Hello! I am a new Proxmox user and I'd like to have a account. I am planning to use your Turnkey containers in virtualization on Proxmox 8. This is a home experimentation lab, not a commercial endeavor. I appreciate this forum and the Turnkey Linux team!

Jeremy Davis's picture

TBH, I have some concerns about your veracity as a genuine TurnKey user. In the case that I am mistaken, my apologies in advance and welcome to TurnKey.

Your post is eerily similar to another post here which raises my suspicions a little (spammers and spam bots often do that in an effort to fly under the radar). However, I've given you the benefit of the doubt this time and have approved your account. Please be aware that if you post any spam, your IP will be blacklisted, the spam will be removed and your account deleted.

Jan's picture


I came across TKL recently as an appliance-like low-maintenance alternative to standard Debian for a Docker LXC on my Proxmox node at home.

Happy to find out.



Jeremy Davis's picture

Hi Jan, welcome to TurnKey.

Please do not hesitate to open a new thread if you have any questions or issues. We also welcome feedback (the good, the bad and the ugly) and feature requests (although we have limited cycles so no guarantees that we'll be able to grant your wish, but please ask anyway).

Hopefully see you about.

Marlenio's picture

Good morning,
I use Turnkey for some containers on a home Proxmox server. Thank you for your service. :-)




Jeremy Davis's picture

Hey Markenio - Welcome to TurnKey :)

Thanks for your kind words. Good luck with it all and please do not hesitate to open a new thread if you have any questions, issues or feedback for us.

Hopefully see you about on the forums.

David's picture

Hi all,

I recently installed Observium and so far have really enjoyed the product, however my concern is how do I backup the database files should I need to recover from a crash or restore the databases without having to restore the entire VM or rebuild the VM from scratch, I'd like to capture our current database as it currently stands.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Jeremy Davis's picture

I'm glad to hear that you've been finding our Observium appliance useful.

Well, first up is the mandatory plug for TKLBAM (our custom backup and data migration tool). It's pre-installed in all of our servers and can easily be linked to the TurnKey Hub. If you need any assistance with the TurnKey Hub, please hit me up via the Hub's "in app" support (blue icon towards the bottom right of screen) or the Feedback link (in the top bar), or via support AT (please either send from the same email as your Hub account, or note the email address of your Hub account). TKLBAM can also be used independent of the Hub, but that's a bit more mucking around (ask in a new thread if you want more detail on that).

Beyond TKLBAM, it's worth remembering that TurnKey is Debian under the hood. So any Debian compatible Linux backup tool should also work.

Finally, if you're knowledgeable and keen enough, you can generate your own backup script. Th details of what needs to be backed up can be seen in the Observium docs (note that is explicitly for data migration, but the data it notes equally applies to a backup).

No matter which way you go, I urge you to test your backups before you need them!

Trifecta's picture

yooooo. tryna test some turrnkey linux out . whatsup?

Michael S.'s picture


I was trying to update the Zoneminder to its latest version but it keeps saying I already have the latest version? Would appreciate any help.

System information for Tue Oct 24 18:46:22 2023 - EEST (UTC+0300)
Linux zoneminder 5.15.74-1-pve #1 SMP PVE 5.15.74-1 (Mon, 14 Nov 2022 20:17:15 +0100) x86_64
Last login: Mon May 22 14:10:55 EEST 2023 from on pts/3
root@zoneminder ~# apt-get update
Hit:1 bullseye-security InRelease
Hit:2 bullseye InRelease
Ign:3 bullseye-security InRelease
Ign:4 bullseye InRelease
Hit:5 bullseye-security Release
Hit:7 bullseye Release
Reading package lists... Done
root@zoneminder ~# apt-get install zoneminder
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree... Done
Reading state information... Done
zoneminder is already the newest version (1.34.23-1).
0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 78 not upgraded.
root@zoneminder ~# 
Jeremy Davis's picture

Hi Michael, I have enabled your website account. Please feel free to open a new thread if/when you have questions, concerns or feedback for us.

Re your Zoneminder questions, that is because in v17.0 & v17.1 we installed Zoneminder from the Debian repos. Where possible, that is usually the preferable path. Whilst the software version stays the same (as you've noticed), security issues are generally addressed via a backported patch. You don't get the latest version but it should remain secure. However, it seemed that the Debian Security team downgraded support for Zoneminder and it wasn't maintained in the way that we had hoped.

So from v17.2 onwards we install newer Zoneminder direct from the Zoneminder apt repo.

In theory, you should be able to add the repo and update to the newer Zoneminder. However, I'm not 100% sure it will "just work", so please be sure to have a snapshot of your current server before proceeding (backups such as TKLBAM are good for data, but a snapshot of the whole OS is much better for winding back changes like I am about to suggest). So if this is a VM, use whatever tools allow you to take a snapshot of the OS (so you can rollback to where you are if need be). If it's a bare metal install, then Clonezilla is a good tool (to clone your existing install).

Then download the key like this (assuming running as root; if not run 'sudo su -' before starting to open a root shell session):

cat archive-keyring.gpg | gpg --dearmor > /usr/share/keyrings/zoneminder.gpg
rm archive-keyring.gpg

Now write the sources.list (still as root):

cat > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/zoneminder.list <<EOF
# ZoneMinder offical apt repo
deb [signed-by=/usr/share/keyrings/zoneminder.gpg] bullseye/

Then run this:

apt update
apt install zoneminder

Fingers crossed, it will "just work", if not then please open a new thread and provide as much info as possible about what isn't working, especially including any explicit error messages you see. Copy/pasting text messages (e.g. terminal error messages) is great, although screenshots also work too. If you do go the screenshot route, please be aware that only the first post of a thread can have attachments. Attach your screenshots there and note in the post that they are attached (sorry its a quirk of our site that the attachments aren't displayed - I'll apply a tweak to your post so that they can be seen - if you want to update additional screeshots later, then edit your first post, attach them and again let me know).

Hopefully that gets you there, otherwise as I say, please open a new support thread and we'll go from there.

Erlam Castanho's picture

Olá todos espero ser bemvindo a este site


Jeremy Davis's picture

Apologies for slow response. It seems that I had already approved your account, but didn't actually explicitly reply!?

Anyway, your account has been approved (last week actually).

Unfortunately, I don't speak Portuguese (I'm an English only monoglot), so I had to use Google translate. Hopefully that's an option for you too? I'm fine if you want to post on our forums in Portuguese, but I would really appreciate it if you could include an English translation as well. Google translate seems to work good enough!?

tradução do Google

Desculpas pela resposta lenta. Parece que já aprovei sua conta, mas não respondi explicitamente!?

De qualquer forma, sua conta foi aprovada (na verdade, na semana passada).

Infelizmente, eu não falo português (sou monoglota apenas em inglês), então tive que usar o Google Tradutor. Espero que essa seja uma opção para você também. Tudo bem se você quiser postar em nossos fóruns em português, mas eu realmente apreciaria se você pudesse incluir uma tradução em inglês também. O Google Tradutor parece funcionar bem o suficiente!?

carlosnyiye_2008908's picture

I'm awaiting for my account approval.

Jeremy Davis's picture

Hi there, as you would have seen, I approved your account.

However, I just noticed that you posted a fraudulent endorsement of your company by us on your user page!

I have now suspended your account, updated your user page to note that it was a fake and fraudulent endorsement. I have also reached out directly to Maniflex Ltd to see whether they were aware of this and directly involved, or whether you are just an unethical SEO scammer.

We do not take kindly to this sort of misrepresentation. How they (you?) react, will determine my next course of action.

Jerry Lowe's picture

Wait, damn...I think that subject line was for radio!   Oh well...

Hoping this will get my account approved, or unblocked.  Can't tell which I am currently.

I'm installing Turnkey Linux as a Proxmox container.  Going to use it to set up a SAMBA server (and maybe a LAMP install too) so I can stream video over my Home LAN.  Need to get my Turnkey Hub account API Key to continue moving ahead.

Looking forward to using this distro!  Seems well though out.


Jerry Lowe 

Jeremy Davis's picture

Nice work. You're in! :)

Welcome to TurnKey. Please do not hestiate to open a new thread if you have any questions, issues and/or feedback for us.

You mention wanting an API key. To get one of those, you'll need to sign up to the TurnKey Hub. Whilst a significant component of that is "Cloud Servers" (which I'm guessing you probably don't want if you're happy self hosting), but it also supports remote, encrypted "Backups" (that's what the API key step is on firstboot; linking your server to the Hub for remote encrypted backups). If you do sign up to that, please be sure to cancel the free trial of "Cloud Bronze" (assuming you don't plan to run any cloud servers). If you have any questions regarding the Hub, please do not hesitate to access the Hub's "in app" support for any Hub specific questions.

Having said that, whilst I encourage use of TKLBAM (our built in backup tool - which links to the Hub), if your data isn't important (e.g. testing, hobby, etc) or you have an alternate remote backup regime in place, then linking TKLBAM to the Hub is not compulsory. You can skip that step if you wish.


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