v15.0 Stable Release #3 - 35 updated/new apps in all builds

UPDATE: Stage 4; the 4th and final instalment of v15.0, includes the remaining v15.0 appliances, plus a number of bugfixed and updated v15.0 apps - 31 in total. All appliances are available in ISO, OVA/VM, OpenStack, Xen, Docker and Proxmox/LXC builds.

I'm pleased to announce followup to stages One and Two of the v15.0 release with the release of stage 3. Stage Three includes another 35 v15.0 appliances; including 3 brand new ones: Gitea, Syncthing and ZoneMinder - read on for a full overview. I'll also be announcing v15.0 Hub builds very soon too, but I've decided to save that for another post - but it will be soon I promise!

turnkey 15.0 banner

Stage 3 includes 35 more appliances; including 3 completely new ones, plus a rebuild of Drupal8 (plus a belated note about Foswiki - a new one from stage 1). However, this time in all build types are available right off the bat. That means that the ISO, OVA/VM, OpenStack, Xen, LXC/Proxmox and Docker builds are all available now! The original 47 appliances have also been rebuilt for Docker and Proxmox/LXC. :)

Download links are available on each of the relevant appliance pages, but to make it easier, I've listed the latest ones included in this batch below, with links to their respective appliance pages. Just look for the v15.0 download links. As per usual, please note that all the latest updates are available via our mirror network, with many of our mirrors supporting rsync.

To find our more about this stage of the release, please read on. Otherwise, go straight down to the latest appliance links.

New and Renamed Appliances

Foswiki - Enterprise Wiki Platform

Foswiki logo In a gross oversight with the announcements of v15.0 stages 1 & 2; I forgot to highlight that the Foswiki appliance is new for TurnKey in v15.0. The appliance is more-or-less a fork of our TWiki appliance, but with Foswiki installed instead. That makes sense really as FosWiki is (or at least was) a community driven fork of TWiki. Twiki is now a dead project, so if you've been using that, we recommend that you migrate to Foswiki (or something else) as soon as possible. FWIW the Foswiki support area has a page which notes:

Upgrade from TWiki 6.x to Foswiki 2.x will be a bit of work. The projects have diverged a bit.[...]
Although they do provide some further insight there, as well as a section of their support area dedicated to migrating from TWiki to Foswiki. If you choose that route, hopefully they'll help out. If you have any wins, please feel free to open a new forum thread.

Syncthing - Decentralized File Sync

Syncthing logo Thanks very much to awesome community contributor MPTMG, we have a few other new appliances. One is the new Syncthing appliance. Syncthing is open source distributed file sync software. In essence it fulfils a similar niche to ownCloud or Nextcloud. However, unlike other platforms, Syncthing keeps it's focus squarely on file syncing. It provides a clean web interface and is easy to federate with multiple installs to keep all your files in sync on all your devices. It has Windows and MacOSX compatible builds so you can sync across OSes. It also has desktop interfaces for most platforms, with an Android client also available. See their homepage for additional download links.

ZoneMinder - Video Surveillance

ZoneMinder logo Also provided by MPTMG is our new ZoneMinder appliance. ZoneMinder is a video surveillance app suitable for home, industrial or commercial use. It can be installed to hardware and linked directly to USB cameras (including webcams). Or can be configured to link to IP cameras. It's free open source software which puts you in control of your cameras and the videos you collect.

Gitea - Self hosted GitHub look-a-like

Gitea logo Marketed as "Git with a cup of tea" - Gitea is a light-weight Git server with a UI very similar to that of GitHub and fulfils the same role, similar to that of GitLab. It is a fantastic light-weight alternative to our GitLab appliance if you don't need all the bells and whistles (e.g. CI) that GitLab provides.

Matomo - formerly Piwik

Matomo logo Piwik has been in the appliance library for some time now. But earlier this year, the project rebranded to become Matomo. Matomo is the premier free and open source web analytics application which tracks online website visits and displays reports on these visits for analysis. Think Google Analytics, except where you control your visitor data! As noted, nothing else has changed other than the name. Following their lead, we have simply changed the name of our Matomo appliance to match upstream.

Drupal 8 - Updated and Re-released v15.1 appliance

Drupal 8 logo In response to SA-CORE-2018-005, we've updated and rebuilt the Drupal 8 appliance. To make sure users can be confident they've got the fixed release, we've bumped the version to v15.1. Download it from the appliance page, and/or check out the other updated/new appliances below.

All Build Types Available

As noted above, stage 3 of v15.0 includes ISO, OVA/VM, OpenStack, Xen, LXC/Proxmox and Docker builds. I won't rehash the info I've already posted re OVA/VM as well as OpenStack and Xen. Please see below for an update on Docker and Proxmox.

Hub and AWS Marketplace

The Hub builds are actually up and you may be able to work out how to launch them yourself?! Hint, look for the "v15.x" text link on the "Launch a new server" page (or try the links). I will do a proper post about them - with screenshots - really soon. The AWS Marketplace builds are still incomplete, but should be coming soon too.

Docker and Proxmox/LXC builds - New and Rebuilt

We've built the new 35 v15.0 appliances (technically 34 x v15.0 and 1 x v15.1 - see above) included in this release as both Docker and Proxmox/LXC builds. As hinted in the intro, the previous 47 Docker and LXC/Proxmox appliances from stage 2 have also been rebuilt so that they no longer include the previously mentioned TKLBAM bug (tracker). This means that TKLBAM will work OOTB! Yay! :)

Re Docker, as noted in the previous post the v15.x Docker builds are now using the tagging system. So they no longer include the version in the name, instead have it as a tag. To reiterate:

docker pull turnkeylinux/drupal8

Essentially that is a short hand way of this:

docker pull turnkeylinux/drupal8:latest

Now that Drupal 8 is up to v15.1, the above commands should then pull the v15.1 build. If you wish, you can specify a particular version like this:

docker pull turnkeylinux/drupal:15.1

Once we release a new (v15.2) build, using the :latest tag will always pull the latest available version. Otherwise, pretty much everything else with the Docker build should work as it did before.

The v15.0 stage 3 appliances

asp-net-apache appliance icon
bugzilla appliance icon
couchdb appliance icon
django appliance icon
dokuwiki appliance icon
drupal8 appliance icon
ezplatform appliance icon
ghost appliance icon
gitea appliance icon
icescrum appliance icon
jenkins appliance icon
laravel appliance icon
matomo appliance icon
mattermost appliance icon
moinmoin appliance icon
moodle appliance icon
nodejs appliance icon
odoo appliance icon
orangehrm appliance icon
phpbb appliance icon
plone appliance icon
punbb appliance icon
rails appliance icon
sahana-eden appliance icon
simpleinvoices appliance icon
suitecrm appliance icon
symfony appliance icon
syncthing appliance icon
tomcat appliance icon
tomcat-apache appliance icon
typo3 appliance icon
ushahidi appliance icon
web2py appliance icon
yiiframework appliance icon
zoneminder appliance icon

Try them out - Let us know what you think!

As per always, we encourage user feedback! So please give them a go and give us some feedback. Comment below, open a new thread in the forums, and/or open a new feature request or bug report on our issue tracker (requires free GitHub user account).

I hope to hear from you soon! :)


Sensiva's picture

The final build stage is taking forever.. When will the fileserver appliance v15 be released?

Is there anything we can help you with?

Jeremy Davis's picture

Don't worry, I'll be as happy as you (probably happier) once we're done...! :)

The fileserver is coming. The main reason for the delays has been because it didn't work in a container (I do most of my testing in containers) and it took me ages to work out why. Turns out it was because the root Samba user password wasn't being set. As a heads up, it turns out the tool that allowed syncing of Linux & Samba user accounts has been removed by the Samba devs (due to some serious bugs). So unfortunately, in version v15.x the auto sync doesn't work anymore.

A workaround has been devised and the fileserver (and all the fileserver based applainces) has (have) been built and is (are) in the release bucket waiting for me to finish up the last few. We're really close. Once I'm done, then Alon will sign and publish them and I'll update the website with the links etc. Assuming nothing goes really pear-shaped, they should be published this week.

Jeremy Davis's picture

Thanks for your patience and sorry it took so long. But I've finally just published the 4th and final stage of the v15.0 release. Please test out the new FIleserver app and let me know how it goes.

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How does a person start a new topic in the forum? There's a comment box at the page end of existing threads but I don't see a control for starting a new topic. Am I blind or has that been removed as an anti-spam measure or something? Using Firefox on Windows if that's relevant.


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You need to be logged in to start a new thread, but even then it's not very obvious... It's a text link at the top of the left hand column. We plan to make it a bit more obvious to make life easier for people...

In the meantime, use this link to start a new thread! ;)

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yeah, I just found https://github.com/turnkeylinux/tracker/issues/1193.

Thanks for taking the time to help :)

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I would expect those to be "pages" of comments.  I don't know what they are.  I can go to 1 or 7 or anywhere in between and the page content is the same.

Anyway, thought I would chime in.

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I missed this one previously. Yes you are correct. It's a bug in the website. I have had a look at one point to try to work out what the issue is/was, but after spending a bit of time on it, so far I have been unable to work out why it is occurring.


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